Rumour Du Jour: Fan Expo Canada 2011 To Be 4 Days?

We overheard at Toronto ComiCON a rumour that Hobbystar CEO Aman Gupta is planning to have hold 2011’s Toronto’s Fan Expo over the course of four days. The Thursday hours will be the same as the former Friday’s. For dealers and exhibitors if you re-booked in August, the price won’t change (ie. no additional cost). For those that did not re-book, they will be paying more.

This could be a good way to fix some of the issues that plagued last year’s convention while planning towards the future as this convention is clearly going to keep growing.

I couldn’t get any confirmations on this, though there were some mutterings about a big announcement come mid December.

Man, I totally feel like Rich Johnston right now.

Peter DeCourcy
Peter DeCourcy

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