Sandman for TV: Think it will be good?

As countless sources have confirmed, we are go for a tv series based on Neil Gaiman’s most popular creation: The Sandman. You know, the Vertigo Sandman, not the DC Sandman who sprays guys with gas..oh wait he had a vertigo series too…let’s refer to it as the Morpheus Sandman then! To be honest, while I am a massive fan of the series, I am not 100% convinced that they can do the series justice given the insane number of special effects that would be required to bring the world of Sandman to life. It’s not like most tv shows where you can use sets of places in the real world or reuse things. The series takes place all over the place and trying to create sets for an everchanging landscape of dreams seems pretty darn difficult. Let alone things like trying to attach real world voices to the comic ones we all have in our heads? How many of you were kind of weirded out attaching Michael Cera’s voice to Scott Pilgrim? But man, I’m going on a downer tangent here, let’s see what we know about this adaptation so far.

From the Hollywood reporter

Warner Bros. TV is in the midst of acquiring television rights from sister company DC Entertainment and in talks with several writer-producers about adapting the 1990s comic. At the top of the list is Eric Kripke, creator of the CW’s horror-tinged “Supernatural.”

Ok maybe not too much other than they are looking at doing this. They tried to do an HBO version a few years ago which I think would have worked out better given the larger budget and riskier content they can fool around with. Doing regular cable might cause them to have to tone down some stuff or leave it all out together, like the serial killer convention scenes? Yeesh, keep tuned in as we do our best to keep you informed.

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