Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday December 18th

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Bryan Lee O’Malley I want to bitch about something inconsequential on twitter but i don’t feeeeeeeeeeel like it

Cameron Stewart Ready to feel tiny and insignificant? Video showing our place in the known universe:

Faith Erin Hicks Nerd potluck tonight! Nerd potlucks are the best. Nobody knows how to cook, so we just eat a lot of mashed potatos & pass out drunk. (And by “drunk” I mean, “insanely full of mashed potatoes.”)

Eric Trautmann I have decided I need to start a band called JAX-UR’S SCIENCE MURDER. We play music. Then we enslave you monkey-born primitives.

Paul Tobin I am wonderfully busy tonight, with old projects and new.

Michael Ian Black Hearing a rumor that next year there’s going to be a movie not based on a comic book.

Ramon Perez bit of a crazy week, but let it be known #kukuburi has not been forgotten. update going up later today – currently colouring the pages.

Matt Fraction DJ Riko got his Xmas shopping done early for you:

StephenWacker Congrats to Spidey writer Joe Kelly:

Chris Butcher Katherine Dacey’s manga best-of matches my tastes almost exactly: RT @manga_critic The Best Manga of 2009

Ed Brubaker I’ll just say, for all those complaining about Reborn 6 being spoiled, there’s a ton of stuff in that issue that isn’t even hinted at so far

Paul Dini First of the new Jingle Belle strips goes live today at Quick Stop. Check it out!

Brian Michael Bendis Off to la for a 1 day in and out. I’ll tell u why after it happens.

Erik Larsen In 1969 Neal Adams came over to Marvel and pencilled and colored the X-Men, which was on the verge of cancellation. Neal’s coloring was state of the art at that time–well-chosen but flat colors using a limited palette in percentages of 25, 50 and 100%. Years later, when painted color was all the rage, Neal’s X-Men were collected and re-colored using the improved technology. They looked awful. Later still, with more technological advances, Neal’s X-Men were re-colored and collected again with Photoshop effects. Again–looking awful. Eventually Marvel collected Neal’s X-Men in their Marvel Masterwork line and its original color was restored. It looks fantastic.

Cameron Stewart Fascinating concept reel for the future of digital magazines:

Cameron Stewart Best bit of the Quitely/Gibbons talk (aside from having my own thoughts validated by 2 of my heroes) I can hear their voices when I read it Also Quitely kindly gives a plug to Sin Titulo and @karlkerschl‘s Abominable Charles Christopher – both found at!

Jock wise art words from Bill Sienkiewicz is this Elektra doc —

Dean Trippe “I probably talked about Batman too much.” – The future last words of Dean Trippe.

Todd Nauck New blog/art posted. “I’ll Take Alien Symbiotes For $200, Alex.” #Venom

Skottie Young I time lapsed today’s live drawing and added music to fill in the space. Hope you have fun

Brian Michael Bendis answering the decades old question if norman is a never nude. 🙂

Dennis Calero Greatest tv show ever: Crime Story

Hope Larson Wannabe cartoonists/writers: Go read @marcbernardin‘s “rant” of this afternoon, which is less a rant than solid advice for creative types.

Neil Gaiman Todd Klein has a few of the 2nd printing of my signed print left at along with an Alan Moore, Alex Ross etc

David Mack “Comic books make things the way they are today.” – Andy Warhol 1973

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