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Today(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Paul Grist (Writer/Artist of Jack Staff – the best comic in the world)

is planning the End of Everything and having chips for tea.

Franco Francavilla (Artist of Zorro, check out his blog Pulp Sunday)

New update of my TONS of new images, make sure 2 check ILLUSTRATIONS & NEWS 🙂 Mo’ on the way. Pls RT

Chris Samnee (Artist; Siege Embedded, Capote in Kansas, Mighty)

Blog Contest!! Win my Vertigo Crime book, Area 10 before you can buy it! Details at

Paul Pope (Visionary Writer/Artist; 100%, Heavy Liquid, Batman: Year One Hundred)

It would be cool if the Tolkien estate licensed an App for iPhone~ Google Middle Earth.

Pete Woods (Artist; Superman, Deadpool, Wonder Woman)

A look at some of the 3D models I created for work– Kandor– and Metropolis–

Kate Beaton (the brilliant mind behind Hark, A Vagrant webcomic)

remember tweeting about Nero a long time ago? I got around, to that

Dan Slott (Writer; Amazing Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Avengers: Initiative) – Can’t sleep. Killing time till my brain shuts down. Thought I’d try’s Comic Book Creator program again!

Ron Marz (Writer, Green Lantern, Ion)

Aspiring comic creators, do not attempt to snipe a job out from under a fellow creator by offering to do it on the cheap. If all you have to offer an editor is “I’ll work for half that other guy’s page rate” … you don’t have much to offer. Plus, it makes you look like a bitch to the editor, as well as to the other creator if he/she finds out. Make comics, not enemies.

CB Cebulski (Marvel’s Talent Editor)

Love it when I send the Marvel editors the work of a new artist and @JoeQuesada responds, “Ladies and gents, we have a new star! WOW!”

Ray Fawkes (Writer/Artist: Flinch, Apocalipstick, Mnemovore)

Flights to Chicago and Calgary booked for C2E2 and Calgary Expo in April! Time to work on some commissions now.

Chris Sims (From The and

Who do you guys think is more louder than bombs: Chuck D or Morrissey?

Ivan Brandon (Writer; Cross Bronx, Viking)

“Artists, comics is a small industry. All editors talk & your reputation follows, no matter what company you move to/from” – @CBCebulski

Geoff Johns (Really? Dude writes EVERYTHING for DC.)

Outlining a fight between Atrocitus and Lobo today. Which will be drawn by Doug Mahnke. It’s violent. Very violent. Dex-Starr vs. Krypto is coming up after Blackest Night…and it’s almost as violent as Lobo vs. Atrocitus.

Joe Quesada (Marvel’s Editor in Chief)

It is quite possible I have never seen anything so brilliant Keep the volume down if you’re at work.

Hope Larson (Writer/Artist; Chiggers, Mercury, Salamander Dreams)

I know so many women who refuse to do Women in Comics panels anymore. Hopefully this means they’re on the way out.

Dennis Calero (Artist; X-Men Noir, X-Factor)

Every man should have a spiderham costume.

Eric Wight (Writer/Artist; Buffy The Animated Series, Frankie Pickle, My Dead Girlfriend)

Closet of Doom makes it’s debut with Scholastic Book Fairs:

Jeff Lemire (Writer/Artist; Essex County Trilogy, The Nobody, Sweet Tooth)

I will be having a launch party for Sweet tooth Vol.1 on Wed, May 5 in Toronto. We will have copies of the book for sale early! I will also be displaying original art from the book, signing and doing a Q&A with SPACE TV. More details coming soon on my blog.

Michael Cho (Artist; Papercuts)

Made some progress with my graphic novel tonight. This is good.

Gail Simone (Writer; Birds of Prey, Welcome to Tranquility, Secret Six)

Oh, my God, “The Box” is a horrible, horrible movie. Good LORD.

Phil Hester (Writer/Artist; Green Arrow, Darkness, Detective Comics)

Ideas, please come again at a reasonable hour. Are you really inspiration, or just its wingman seen through the beer goggles of fatigue?

Dorian Wright (Blogger,

When told that a comic publisher makes their decisions much as a petulant, spoiled child does, I am not the least bit surprised.

Cameron Stewart (Artist; Batman & Robin, Sea Guy, Sin Titulo)

Anyone have the new Wired Magazine? There should be an article on webcomics in it…

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