Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday October 23rd, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Andy Diggle Reading an original screenplay by a well-known comic writer. I have no idea where it’s going, in the best possible way. Good stuff.

Erik Larsen Whew–just banged out my part of another Image United cover. Gotta wrap up a Savage Dragon cover then plot the next issue. Awwwww yeaah!

Philip Tan Fellow artists: to those who loves greywash like I do.. Watercolor? Or variety of diluted India inks? I’m starting to mix em… Bad idea? :p

Geoff Johns Ethan did an amazing job on Wally West’s new uniform. Can’t wait to see Ivan and Scott tackle it. Very clean, very familiar, yet unique! And for everyone dying to see @FrancisManapul ‘s first official piece on THE FLASH…we’ll see it soon. It’s stunning. And Nekron’s on it.

Tony Moore that Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” song is like some kind of barbed worm that has burrowed its way into my brain. save yourselves!

Kuljit Mithra (Daredevil’s Biggest Fan) Look closely at this artwork by Clay Mann… see what he wrote?


Ivan Brandon do people always leave the dr depressed? i didn’t even get bad news and they still bummed me out.

Bill Willingham Let’s see: Work or read? Work or read? Work or read? Work or nap?… Huh? How did that sneak in?

Cameron Stewart According to the press announcement for Wizard World Toronto Comicon, I am as important a guest as Eliza Dushku.

James Lucas Jones These days, riding in a car with Randy J. means you will almost certainly be listening to “pirate rock.”

Matt Fraction you know how i knew you were classy? it was written right there on your tank-top with an airbrush. you know how i knew this was fun? in the middle of that cartoon drawing of an explosion, you wrote “fun,” right there in comic sans. of COURSE this is cool! why else would that anthropomorphized logo be wearing sunglasses and saying “Cool!” otherwise?

Paul Tobin “Sodom and Gojira” is my new Japanese monster movie / biblical epic, and it will flat out rule the Oscars.

Todd Nauck Don’t eat a breakfast bar while ironing your shirt. High risk of dropping crumbs. You could iron wholesome goodness right into the fabric.

Brian Michael Bendis one of my favorite things abot my wife: no matter how fast asleep she is, if i come up to her, in her sleep, she smiles. every time. and i didn’t just spell about wrong, she’s Canadian 🙂

Michael Kupperman The cartoon “Space M.A.S.H.” was quickly cancelled due to Klinger’s bizarre display of “future drag” and alien genitalia.

Todd McFarlane – ARTWORK: Not for the faint of heart…here is page one of the second issue of the HAUNT comic due out in a couple.

Jonathan Hickman Oh, I’ve found a cure for insomnia. Three nights in a row I’ve tried to get through Transformers 2… slept like a baby.

Michael Cho “god bless the child that gets his own” – James Brown

Francis Manapul curry chicken on fries is delicious….i wonder what fish and chips would taste like with curry..hmmmm

Bill Willingham Lovely wonderful blizzard today. Snow piling up, but the snowfort abides.

David Hahn Dude, ironic or not, it is still a mullet.

Chuck BB This Sinestro guy is a real bad apple.

Gerry Conway Speaking tomorrow, along with @marvwolfman and Mark Evanier, at a dinner celebrating Gene Colan. Where to begin? I’m intimidated.

Frank Tieri First look at the A-team

Lars Brown Heh, eight years ago Steve Skeates said my online fantasy novel was “Flat out fun to read”. Thanks Steve : )

Evan Dorkin R.I.P. Soupy Sales (Pookie, White Fang), et al. Pie in the sky, hey, everybody do the mouse…

Sean Phillips More Criminal inks…

NOW WE ASK YOU GUYS A FAVOUR: Our spanish is beyond rusty, so we’re wondering if there’s someone out there who could translate this for us!

Rafael Grampa Pras pessoas que perguntaram: SIM! Terei dois originais a venda. Dois originais da HQ do HELLBLAZER que fiz com o Brian Azzarello.

(We’re not sure if he’s selling pages from his and Azz’s work on the Hellblazer special.. but if yes, we want them. email us the answer here.)

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