Today(ish) in Twitter – Monday, Feb. 8th

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Tony Moore so Captain America is gonna feature the Invaders (awesome) in WW2 but Joel Silver can’t wrap his head around a period Sgt Rock? GOD DAMN IT

CB Cebulski (Marvel’s Talent Scout) Looked at this kid’s work. While not half bad, big problems in presentation: it’s a major colllection of pin-ups with few sequential pages. For the 1000th time, ALWAYS include a 3 to 4 page sequential sequence in your portfolio. Minimally! We’re most concerned with storytelling. Also, be it pin-ups or sequenitals, even if you ink yourself, I always want to see the pencils. You will not always be your own best inker.

Geoff Johns Wow. All due respect to everyone else, but Ultimate X just redefined what the Ultimate Universe can be. Bravo, Jeph and Art.

Chris Samnee Toth’s “Lonesome for Kisses” A lovely Wildcat by Kubert & a Robbins Dracula story if you scroll a bit.

Brian Wood Come for the colored Dave Gibbons DMZ page, stay for the interview:

Hope Larson I drew some hideously phoned-in pages over the weekend, so I’ve gotta do an extra good job on today’s batch.

Bryan Lee O’Malley OK i probably shouldn’t say this aloud but: i’m not sure itunes is actually a genius. I mean, categorically.

Sean Phillips Fu Manchu sketch…

Kate Beaton Man. The weirdest comments I get addressing all the Canadian content in my historical comics are the ones that can’t parse that it’s my home

Jock big week for me this week. HELLBLAZER PANDEMONIUM is finally out. nearly two years in the making – and the last week on costumes for BATTLESHIP too. not sure if i’m going back to the art dept. next week.

Faith Erin Hicks Whenever a comic creator posts about their drawing methods, they’re always different than mine and all I can think is I’M DOING IT WRONG. D:

Ryan Dunlavey I bet Bert & Ernie hate Elmo and Abby as much as I do.

Andy Diggle Having fun writing something that spins right out of the end of SIEGE. I wish I could tell you who’s in it…

Brian Michael Bendis Warner brothers just hired me to write citizan kane 2. seems people just love those characters.

Bryan Hitch @BRIANMBENDIS there must be something in the air. I’ve been approached to design an sf sequel to The Sound Of Music songs are in klingon

Si Spurrier Cups of tea: 3. Grey hairs discovered and plucked: 2. Pages written: 0. Deities raged-against for the cruel invention of Mondays: 15

B Clay Moore Is hard to get the information gathered in my brain and typed out for this outline here that I’ve been staring at. And have I slept lately?

Matt Fraction the amazing @nathanfoxy is selling limited ed.s of his sci-chedelic image of moi breathtakingly accurate in all ways

Philip Tan Warmup from earlier..But no energy to finish d sketch..Day’s page took too much out of me..Need to get feel back!

Ramon Perez my homage to bernet and abuli’s torpedo as make the twart posting in the nick-of-time..

James Robinson You’re officially old when you and your fiancee do a drug together and that drug is heartburn medication.

Dr Comics There are not only themes of love and death in Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel David Boring but also moments of sex and violence.

Gail Simone I am really sad I missed the super–what. The soupy…something. That sports thing. Is it bowling? Super bowling?

Ande Parks So, Leno thought doing a fifteen second spot with Letterman would make him look cool again? Way to stick it to NBC, Jay!

Francis Manapul Today’s work station Comes with a friendly guard dog

Jill Thompson Guess there’s gonna be a lot more boobs on Bourbon Street than usual tonight!

Franco Francavilla A lil late (blame it on superbowl or a couple of deadlines) but here’s a new KARA BOCEK pg: Spread the news!

Ray Fawkes Several paintings and studies completed this weekend. Will upload as soon as I get decent photos/scans done. #downsideofworkinglarger

TonyHarris One of 3 pages on my desk for today. Then another 2 or 3 tomorrow. – (cover to new EX Machina)

Cameron Stewart Just had a very exciting, productive meeting with a senior editor at one of France’s biggest comics publishers.

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