Today(ish) in Twitter – Monday, January 18th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.



Rich Johnston @DRUNKHULK That is *my* dream.

Andy Kuhn i’m part of a new artblog called COMIC TWART. this week we are drawing ZORRO. here’s mine.

Andy Diggle One of my best friends is having brain surgery tomorrow in Mumbai. I trust in SCIENCE to see him right!

Faith Erin Hicks @hopelarson Much as I like life in the city, I miss wildlife. I find Halifax alarmingly squirrel-less!

Francis Vallejo – page of more girls for today. got this one done real early, long day ahead

Tony Isabella Phrase I hate: “Based on the character created by DC (or Marvel or Dark Horse, etc.) Comics.” Companies don’t create characters. Writers and artists and occasionally editors create characters.

Paul Pope Staggering: RT @BreakingNews: Leading U.S. general in #Haiti says up to 200,000 people may have died in quake

Brian Wood looks like @jimlee00 sneakpeeked his DMZ #50 last night. & thx Jim!

Matt Fraction multi-hour power outage means [Invincible Iron Man] issue will wrap tomorrow. my dream of an all THOR week, thwarted.

Nick Frost Why don’t we have a cup of tea and a ham roll then get back into bed and watch the Hulk on blu-ray? Ang Lee’s Hulk. I prefer it. Hulk fighting giant poodle. yeman!

Si Spurrier It’s so cold in here that my scrotum just turned into a pale walnut. Considering spilling tea just to restore my silky baritone.

Neil Gaiman Oddest bit of the evening was either talking to Robert downey jr about the baker st irregulars or covering Amanda while she changed dresses.

Peter Serafinowicz I like Justin Bieber but prefer his early work

Brent Chittenden Saw the trailer for the Tekken movie. Looks like Hollywood has failed the video game movie yet again.

Jonathan Hickman The toast to end all toasts. This is what you’ll get: No money and the partial gratitude of a public that neither understands nor loves you.

Brian Michael Bendis ah-nold’s misprounciation of avatar is my new favorite thing ever.

Ray Fawkes A brush just snapped in two in my hand while I was painting.

Ed Brubaker Just read Ult. Comics Spidey #6 – Does anyone realize how good Bendis and LaFuente are on this book?

Mitch Breitweiser whoa! Vic Chestnut died on Christmas day. How am I just now hearing about this?

Kelly Sue DeConnick Harrowing TO DO list today, but progress already being made. Next up: 9 pages of SLAM DUNK v14 rewrites!

Steve Niles My turtle is being a noisy ahole today.

Warren Ellis Watching BBC footage of the Taliban strike on Kabul. Wondering how far away the West is from full occupancy of the country.

Kelly Sue DeConnick Fraction is totally jealous.

Gail Simone If there were an Olympic Gold Medal for having Catman naked, I would win. Unless it was a special dream category, then it’s Bendis.

James Robinson @ChrisSamnee Gotta say, seeing your daily sketches is one of my great joys.

Chris Eliopoulos My son is claiming that it’s child abuse to make him do his math homework. He’s pleading his case. Great, I’m raising a lawyer.

Rob Liefeld – So now that Deadpool Corps. is out of the bag. Here’s a panel from issue #1 to whet your appetite. DCP in April!

Warren Ellis All of my friends are talking about Falco and “sexy Frankensteins” and wingfic and I really think I need new friends now.

James Robinson Seeing the Beat last night was great. Jann had to stop me from head butting a guy and I probably had one drink too many. Still, great night and Jann looked lovely.

Roger Ebert Cary Grant, 106 today. Notorious:

Fred Van Lente Mistake. It’s Pak & me. RT @DavidUzumeri Are you doing Fall of an Avenger solo, or is there just a mistake in the solicits?

Brian Reed Word from @Oeming: Powers alive and well at FX- and new Powers art

Rick Remender Up early. In a great mood. Feeling especially optimistic after some news I got this morning. I hope you all have a terrific day.

Matt Fraction “Is that the origin of Scott Pilgrim’s X-Men patch? That I like the X-Men? Are you retarded?” WAR ROCKET AJAX IS BACK –

Cameron Stewart Aw man the new Apple thing is being announced on the day I am flying to France so I won’t get to see the live event. Frownsies

Warren Ellis Haven’t shaved my head in a few days, and now my skull has the texture of an old Fuzzy-Felt board.

Matt Fraction Q: What’s the best thing about being rich? A: I have over 85% of the Wu-Tang Clan on speed dial.

Dan McDaid BLOG UPDATE: My first TWART:

Ivan Brandon i always answer UNKNOWN CALLER calls, since both marvel and DC come up that way on the caller ID. makes answering the phone an adventure.

StephenWacker – From ASM 621. Lark, Gaudiano and Hollingsworth on art duties. You’re welcome.

Gail Simone I’m waiting for Marvel’s next big, totally today female initiative. Will it be Danger Dames? Battle Broads? The She-fenders? Femme-tastic 4?

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