Today(ish) in Twitter – October 12th, 2009 (Canuck Thanksgiving Edition)

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving.. so I’d like to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers, and to all the American readers – a very happy Columbus Day.

Kelly Sue DeConnick Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Francis Manapul happy thanks giving everyone! (well to my fellow Canadians anyways.)

Michael Cho Thanksgiving day here for us Canadians — now I’m off to see family and eat some damn turkey.

Warren Ellis good morning sexbeasts

Skottie Young It’s Monday and it’s early, but I’m waiting for the plumber and there’s something on my mind. So here are a few creator suggestions…

Skottie Young Working in this industry you need a thick skin. You will get bad reviews, people will tell you that you are bad at what U do. THIS IS FACT

Skottie Young Upside is that just as many people will tell you that you are great at what you do and there will be plenty of good reviews.

Skottie Young A few bad reviews are just that. A FEW. Don’t translate that number into 4000 bad reviews. Everyone doesn’t have to love what you do.

Skottie Young I’ve seen some big name guys calling out bloggers for not liking their work like NO ONE is allowed not like their work. Don’t do this.

Skottie Young And try to avoid the old “if they don’t like my work, they just don’t get it” trap. It’s a losing game.

Skottie Young If you work in comics, your work is out in the public and will get the full spectrum of opinions. Learn from it all.

Skottie Young I’d also add don’t compete against other illustrators, just be creative.

Neil Gaiman Trying to decide between Twuffer, Twaiter or Futuretweets. Wish Twuffer &Twaiter didn’t sound like something Elmer Fudd would call people.

Kate Beaton things to do before leaving on friday: too many

Ande Parks So don’t want to ink today. Best way around it is to pretend I’m someone else. Think I’ll channel Kevin Nowlan. Sadly, it’ll end up like me.

Chris Eliopoulos Working on the Powers letter column. Apparently @brian michael bendis doesn’t know there is a “shift” key on the keyboard.

Bryan Lee O’Malley Things have been hectic, but I’ll hopefully finish a polish on the script today and start thumbing tomorrow before I have to travel again.

Bill Willingham I woke to snow, but the snowfort is secure and sound. I abide.


Gail Simone Boy, if I ever form a comedy improv troop, I hope SOMEONE in the audience shouts out “A doctor’s office!” and “bacon genitals!” HILARITY!

Lee Garbett VERY happy to ‘announce’ I’ve signed another Exclusive with DC COMICS. So you’re stuck with me for a while longer, I’m afraid.

Lee Garbett I hope I didn’t preempt DC’s plans with this announcement. I presume there’ll be some sort of ticker-tape parade through Manhattan, right?

Steve Rolston Man, I sat down hoping to read an awesome comic but instead I got awkward writing and rushed art. Bad comics make me sad.

James Robinson Everyone with breathing problem raise a glass. The iron lung was used for the first time today in 1928.

Bryan Lee O’Malley Common argument against Scott Pilgrim: “Everyone told me it was sooo great, but I read the first volume and intentionally disliked it”

CadenceComicArt: Here is @ChallengersRgo singing “I believe in a thing called love” @HackinTimSeeley ‘s wedding

Chris Eliopoulos Hey! Why am I not at the Avengers retreat this week to represent the Pet Avengers? Animal bigotry, that’s why!

Stephen Wacker – If there’s a crazier last page of a long-running comic series than this, I haven’t seen it.

Bill Willingham To hell with Talk Like a Pirate Day. Too easy. We should have a Post Like @warrenellis Day. “The fine powder of dehydrated human soul was–“

Warren Ellis I have this idea that human adrenochrome could be an aphrodisiac and not just, as I tend to use it, a condiment.

Tommy Lee Edwards Trying hard to finally finish Prince of Persia today. Gonna need a break from horses after this.

Matt Sturges Just spent half an hour talking to Sam Kieth about comics. I love my job.

Becky Cloonan tweeting from Brazil! Hanging out with @fabiomoon, @gabriel_ba, @vasilislolos, Sierra Hahn and Craig Thompson!

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