Today(ish) in Twitter – Wedneday March 17th, 2010

Today(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Kathryn Immonen

The Shuster nominations are out. congrats to all the nominees!

Matt Fraction

can’t believe i was completely shut out of the Shusters YET AGAIN

Cameron Stewart

Hey, I’ve been nominated for another Shuster Award, this time for Outstanding Canadian Cartoonist!! Thanks, Shusters!

Marc Ellerby

We’re back home (boo!) The Student Loan Company have found my new address (boooo!) We have a PS3 now though (yeahhhhhh)

Franco Francavilla

If U need to have something green on U today, what better than Green Hornet Y1? It has lots of green in it, I know cause I put it in there;)

Jill Thompson

Now to work work! Drawing, painting, email responding, scanning, sending…sorting and organizing…suddenly the floor washing seems tame:)

Gail Simone

Do I need an Ipad? I love my Iphone and Kindle. But the ipad looks sweet. Why do I need it or why do I NOT need it?

Cameron Stewart

Who knew that so much talent would come from a guy who looks like this? (@andybelanger)

Tim Seeley

I was enjoying Image’s Guardian teaser ads before…but the Rick (from WD) cinched it as brilliant. Props @robertkirkman

Philip Tan

Not very into wearing green today.. Sorry, I’m a bit of a KJ on st.patty’s day.. But how about sharing artworks?

Dave Gibbons

And, don’t forget, live web drawing with me, a Wacom and Manga Studio this Sunday Tips, tricks and prizes!

Paul Tobin

Dear internet: Motown Records… would they have been better with Batman, or with Spider-Man?

Adam Richman – Just met Brian Azzarello! Great day to be a fan boy.

Paul Pope

Another amazing story of walkabout, this one true: #<3aussiecinema

CB Cebulski

Always personalize any communication you have with editors. Use their names. Mass “Dear Editor” e-mails and packages tend to get trashed. If you get an editor’s contact info, I recommend sending a follow-up e-mail without attachments first. Ask if you can submit samples.


Great Comics That Never Happened #2: Batman and Li’l Preacher

Dan Slott


Paul Dini

One final St. Patrick’s day treat: a song by the greatest Irish band since U2.

Phil Hester

Want to read new 20th Century Boys, but rolling the dice. Will it inspire or demoralize?

Matt Fraction

if the PR we’ve done today is any indication DOCTOR AMERICA is going to assault the sales chart like Mark Millar with a 1d20 sales modifier

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