Today(ish) in Twitter – Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Mike Kupperman Champions get champagne- Last-placers get lasagne.

Steph Buscema My online store is now open for business! Some original paintings and more prints to come in the next few weeks!

Ramon Perez time to enjoy some local food and vino with @cameron stewart and @karlkerschl!

Bryan Lee O’Malley caught the dog running around with a five dollar bill in her mouth

Erik Larsen One year Jannie got me a bunch of Tintin stuff and some Hostess Snoballs®. That worked out okay. I put the Tintin shit in the hutch and ate the Snoballs®. If it had just been Hostess Snoballs® I’d have been okay with that.

Matt Sturges The song “Sick Day” by Fountains of Wayne is really a delightful little gem of a tune.

Paul Tobin Does anyone know where I can purchase an actual working disintegrator? I’ve compiled my list of enemies and am ready for the next stage.

Chris Samnee RT @HackinTimSeeley The WHOLE 44 page issue of COLT NOBLE 7 THE MEGALORDS at Nerd City Online: READ FREE!


Paul Dini Just cut myself on the teeth of the thylacine head over my desk, making me the first person in 73 yrs to be bit by a Tasmanian tiger.

Matt Sturges Just turned in the script to House of Mystery 22. If you like comics about lonely, closeted gay goblins, this is the book for you.

Michael Cho I am working on some illustrations from the most confusing visual brief ever. It’s all at cross-purposes and I’m second guessing everything

Brian Hurtt I would like to officially welcome hot oatmeal season!

Dan Slott – Don’t forget, if you’re in NYC tomorrow: Marvel Fest 2009!

Tony Isabella Hearing voices from the clutter in my office. Hmm…when was the last time I saw my intern? Maybe Monday?

David Hahn Comic Pro Tip: Being professional means that your work needs to please other people, LOTS of other people, not just yourself.

David Hahn Comic Pro Tip: Regardless of being artist or writer, being a novice AND a micro-manager will only result in mediocrity.

Christina Strain Just bought pillows on Amazon. Amazon prime has ruined my life, it prevents me from having to go ANYWHERE. 😀

Bill Willingham “5 second rule!” is not something you want to hear shouted from the kitchen of the restaurant you’re dining in. I’m just saying.

Ivan Brandon new beers i highly recommend: bear mountain’s racer 5 IPA and moylan’s hopsickle IPA. both fantastic.

Chris Eliopoulos Hey! It’s the daylights savings time switch this Saturday! And extra hour to sleep…or draw!!!

Ramon Perez a batman pinup done for the lille comics festival by little ol’ moi whilst travelling through prague…

Greg Rucka Ah, I remember this. Twitter = procrastination.

Cameron Stewart The first TX book! A teaser collection, only available in Portugal: (via @karlkerschl)

Paul Pope I’m going to get this beard shaved at an Italian barbershop in Hell’s Kitchen today (thanks KC), its a pleasure most women never experience.

Karl Kerschl This is what happens when Cameron, Ramon and I do book sketches together:

Cameron Stewart Drawing a single dedication in the cover of your own book is more satisfying than drawing a hundred Catwoman sketches

Andy B Billy confronts his demon in this weeks 2 installments of Bottle of Awesome.\ Link @zudacomics

Tommy Lee Edwards Plugging away at the first of a series of Top Cow covers….

Brian Wood My Top Five Viking Battles:

Dean Trippe Mary Marvel (wallpaper size) for Riki (and you, too)!

Jim Lee Working on All-Star Batman and Robin. Still wakingup early–just trying to get back into a page a day shape so the sleep gets sacrificed. Wish I could share more of All Star Batman and Robin pages–still trying to do a drawing each day as warmup…did a rare one of Spidey today

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