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Tahiti Isn’t A Treat

We all know about the show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is the show that carries on from the Avengers movie starring Agent Phil Coulson (portrayed by Clark Gregg), as he leads a secret team investigating events around the globe. It premiered as a massive hit. Over 17 million viewers watched in the US alone. From there the ratings have dropped, but the numbers are still impressive. Those millions and millions of viewers wanted to know one thing, how did Agent Coulson come back from the dead?
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BIFF SOCKO 7th Nov 2012

It’s time for another update from BIFF SOCKO, TWO-FISTED NEWSHOUND. Biff Socko covers Comic Book News like zits on the A-V Club. Faster than Perry White! Stronger than J. Jonah Jameson! He is…BIFF SOCKO!     DATELINE: USA-USA-USA! – The…

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