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Campaign of the Week : ‘True Patriot’ Vol. 2

In 2012 a group of Canadian writers and artists came together with a single idea: promote Canadian comic books. Anchored by national talents like J. Torres, Andy Belanger, Adrian Alphona, J. Bone, Ramon Perez, Fred Kennedy, Adam Gorham, Agnes Garbowska, Scott Chantler, Faith Erin Hicks, Howard Wong and many, many more, this collective successfully gained backing for the first volume of True Patriot. The collection of short comics celebrated Canadiana, and now they've returned for a second tour as they recently kicked off their second crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter

Campaign of the Week: ‘The Vagabond’

Welcome to this (Canadian) Thanksgiving edition of the "Campaign of the Week." Although this isn't a new campaign, with 19 days left, a cool concept and some very nice artwork, The Vagabond seems like a campaign worth throwing a little bit of support behind Nathanael Hopkins-Smith's effort as its final three weeks count down.

Campaign of the Week: Nelvana of the Northern Lights

Seventy-Two years ago, the very first issue of Nelvana of the Northern Lights was published by Hillborough Studios in the first issue of Triumph-Adventure Comics. Created by Adrian Dingle--and adapted from an Inuit legend about a a witch-like character of the same name.

Campaign of the Week: ‘In the Dark:’ A Horror Anthology

If you love horror comics, or even supernatural stories, this is a perfect comic for you as you'll get huge 250 page book filled from cover to cover with quality work from the writers and artists who offered their time to work on the project without any compensation up front. These ladies and gentlemen love their craft and love writing and drawing within the horror genre, and if you're a fan of their work or the genre itself you should support this project. The $50 perk is a great reward on its own, but if you're outside the U.S. and are squeamish about the extra shipping cost, getting the $10 digital PDF version is a great option

Campaign of the Week: ‘The F1rst Hero’

Can you imagine a world where anyone who ever had superpowers lost their mind? Ruttgaizer presents such a world in his comic series featuring Jacob Roth, the lone man able to maintain his sanity in a world where anyone who gains superpowers becomes criminally insane.

Campaign of the Week: ‘Heroes of the North’ Season 2

Rushing from the success of their first season, which has netted over two million views across various online video platforms, the crew behind the series has returned for a second go-around with their Canadian-based superhero universe. The first season of the series was 20, 22-minute episodes long which ultimately won two "Indie Intertube Awards" in 2010 for Best Costumes and Best Opening Sequence.