Campaign of the Week: ‘The Vagabond’

Welcome to this (Canadian) Thanksgiving edition of the "Campaign of the Week." Although this isn't a new campaign, with 19 days left, a cool concept and some very nice artwork, The Vagabond seems like a campaign worth throwing a little bit of support behind Nathanael Hopkins-Smith's effort as its final three weeks count down.
“The Vagabond” is a new Australian-based comic book series from the minds of Nathanael Hopkins-Smith and Sam Finlay.

Welcome to this (Canadian) Thanksgiving edition of the “Campaign of the Week.” Although this isn’t a new campaign, with 19 days left, a cool concept and some very nice artwork, The Vagabond seems like a campaign worth throwing a little bit of support behind as Nathanael Hopkins-Smith’s effort enters its final three weeks.

The Vagabond

Hopkins-Smith’s story revolves around the journeys of a homeless vagabond who somehow finds himself in all sorts of bizarre situations. The Vagabond, the protagonist in the story, is forced to embrace vigilantism as he travels the city and saves countless citizens that he meets along the way. He does all this while still trying to figure out where his next meal is going to come from.

The Vagabond is an Australian comic that was originally conceived as a short film by Hopkins-Smith in 2005 while still in film school. Despite working behind the scenes in television, Hopkins-Smith has turned his passion for storytelling and comic books into an ongoing comic series. The title will additionally feature the work of artist Sam Finlay.

The Campaign

The Vagabond campaign is intended to help fund and promote the comic book series. For $6 you can get a digital copy of the first issue, while a signed print edition can be picked up for $10. Hopkins-Smith and Finlay are also offering a bonus print combo pack for $20 that includes prints and stickers, as well as a $30 perk which combines the $20 perk with an album featuring the musical blues rock stylings of Hopkins-Smith.

They have currently raised $897 for their comic book series, and have set a goal of $2500. Contributions will go towards creating fliers, advertising material, printing, conventions booths or tables and future issues of The Vagabond.

The Vagabond – Indiegogo Campaign

This brand of detailed action can be expected in the comic book series.

Value Perks

Hopkins-Smith and Finlay are running a lean campaign perk-wise, however their $300 perk combines everything from the $1 “thank you” to the $30 album combo perk. The big bonus with the $300 pledge is that you’ll also receive an original piece of artwork from the comic book series to bolster your comic book art collection.

Why Should You Support Them?

Heroism and selflessness are intertwined, and while The Vagabond is positioned as a vigilante story, the protagonist’s travels feature a very human element within it. In this particular story we have a man who is struggling to survive, living on the streets and is blind in one eye. Despite his trials, he does what he can to make his life and the lives of those within the community better. I feel this is an endearing and warming story about a man with nothing, willing to give everything to make his world a better place one piece at a time. This is a very worthwhile project, and with 19 days remaining they still have a lot of time to reach their goal of $2500.

Andrew Ardizzi
Andrew Ardizzi

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