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Spider-Man has always had one of comic’s best rogues’ galleries. Filled with the iconic and the absurd, the villains range from the unforgettable to the laughable. It is always a treat to be collecting a book at the time when…

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Undervalued Spotlight #154

Amazing Spider-Man #360, Marvel Comics (March 1992) You know which comic book characters are proving to be important to the collecting community these days? Venom is important as is Michone as is Deadpool as is Carnage. Younger collectors love owning…

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Have you guys seen this?

This little gem comes from WindWak3r‘s Deviant art pic and to be honest it’s an absolutely beautiful picture though it’s a pretty horrific thought. I can’t imagine anyone who’s actually a Carnage fan (outside of Ultimate Carnage) – but this…

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