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Lockdown Loose Ends

Well, here we are. It’s the middle of June and I, along with many Nova Scotians, have been sitting in full or partial lockdown for eight weeks. Since the last week of April, I have only left my apartment a…

The Caveats of Collecting Cerebus # 1

When discussing the most “important” characters and comics of the Canadian Silver Age, the works of several creators come to mind. The word “important” has several connotations and I use it here in part because of its ambiguity. What makes…

Glamourpuss with Dave Sim

After a few weeks of back and fourth, Sim and I finally sat down to discuss his adventure into Glamourpuss. It was a muggy day in June when we met at the Metropolitan Hotel at Chestnut St. and Dundas Ave. to discuss Glamourpuss and were she's headed in the future - when she gets out of jail for allegedly smuggling cocaine that is.