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Week 33: For Madame

A few years back my wife and I went to the Jardin Nelson bistro in Old Montreal, nice place with a big atrium featuring a hanging garden in the dining area. This smooth talking French waiter seats my wife facing…

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Covered 365: Day 84

Star Spangled War Stories #84 – DC Comics, August 1959 – Artist: Irv Novick. I had Wings and Jumbo on the list but went with a personal favorite, Star Spangled War Stories #84. I like it when a character is…

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Covered 365: Day 83

Lois Lane #83 – DC Comics, May 1968 – Artist: Irv Novick (according to DC Wiki), Neal Adams (according to comics.org). Can anyone confirm which? I didn’t pick Undercover Girl #6 on Day 6 and I really wanted to but…

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