Fall is full on in Southern Ontario, beautiful colors everywhere though it is starting to get a bit chilly.

Week 43 brings us some neat splash pages from a pile of comics that are on my desk and destined for our eBay auction. As I mentioned in an earlier post I like to put splash pages from books on my desk in the hopes of adding an image that has yet to grace the internet, give us something new to admire.

Exciting Comics #52 didn’t stop at Alex Schomburg’s cool cover, it also gave us this great splash page from Lin Streeter. From November 1946.

The winner of the week for me is this Manny Stallman splash page from Redskin Comics #10, Grey Wolf, from June 1952.

I thought this was Russ Heath at quick glance but then realized it was not, this is the Bill Ely splash page from House of Mystery #94 from January 1960.

Great subject matter but I can’t help thinking Irv Novick could have done a bit better in this splash page from Archie Comics #27, from August 1947.

From the Canadian reprint of Gunsmoke #2 we get this fine splash page from the great Graham Ingels. From 1949.