I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Where we are in Hamilton, Ontario there is a 28-day lockdown so it’s the perfect time for some fun-filled Christmas-themed splash pages. There were tons and tons to choose from but surprisingly not too many that really caught my eye. Here are my favourites.

And speaking of favourites, next week marks the last week of Making a Splash and since I’ve given us 52 weeks of no-repeat content I thought I’d revisit the year and post my favourites.

I really like this Romeo Tanghal splash from Batman #285, the whole thing just kind of works. From March of 1977.

Fan favorite Dan DeCarlo does not disappoint with this sweet Betty Christmas Card, from Betty and Veronica #109, January 1965.

Jim Steranko had just left the title but no worries, Frank Springer slipped in and gave us great splash pages like this one from Nick Fury #10, March 1969.

Too bad DC cancelled this! A great Jack Kirby Christmas themed splash from Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2, Fall 1978.

From one of the greatest Christmas comic book issues ever, Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade #1 comes this great Carl Barks splash. I’ve said it before but these pages lose something when they are remastered and digitized. From 1949.

Batman has easily the most Christmas-themed splash pages to choose from, some were great like the one I did above, some were too hokey and some I don’t know what to make of? From Batman #39, Bob Kane, March 1947.