For a year that seemed to drag on, 2020 sure went by quickly. Blink, and here we are.

2020 was a year that taught me more about myself, and about others, than any other year. Overall I’d say we shone.

Overall I’d say the back issue comic market shone as well. Here are my takeaways from 2020;

  • The back issue comic market was resilient, it outperformed everybody’s expectations
  • The back issue comic market is multi-layered, there were many, many micro-markets within the market and most of them were hot as hell
  • The hottest of all had to be the Modern Age or current market, the number of new participants and the amount of activity and the amount of value appreciation was staggering
  • The Star Wars franchise is so much bigger than just the core vintage characters, there’s tons of room for growth and there’s such an appetite for new quality content
  • I can watch way more TV than I’d like to admit, I had no idea I could watch TV for so long in one sitting
  • The two most important drivers of comic value, key first appearances and covers got even more important this past year
  • Comic Cons are going to have to reinvent themselves not only to get the public going back to the cons but also to get the dealers back to the cons
  • Dealers and stores have done very well adapting and moving their business online and as I alluded to above, some will be questioning the need to go set up at cons that are dependent on max capacity crowds for any whiff of a profit
  • Staying positive and helping others is the best approach to all things including dealing in comics
  • DC is not doing the hobby or themselves a favour by leaving the old distribution model and by cutting its titles so drastically, we don’t like to even talk about what most of us are considering is their endgame
  • Pandemics make people spend money online
  • There is so much great comic book art we’re missing because of CGC encapsulation, I learned a lot working on the Making A Slash posts this past year
  • Everybody has done something really dumb that ended up damaging a comic, no wonder high-grade copies are so hard to find when there’s an army of nincompoops out there
  • Issues from the Golden Age of comics were soft, key issues did fine but the old run issues lost a bit of favour
  • The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide needs to work hard to move content online and to update more often, they don’t need to be a GPA to carve themselves a niche, they already have a niche, they just have to widen it
  • The strong back-issue comic market happened without the piggyback help of a robust superhero movie release calendar, this is a good sign for the back issue market
  • All pop culture collectibles seem to be blurring into one big market, card market participants are entering the comic market more than ever and visa versa, I don’t mind this as I think the comic as a collectible is strong and can stand up there right beside toys and cards and all the others
  • There are way too many streaming services, and each streaming service has just enough content that I like to make me buy it but not enough content that I like to make the price worth it, I think there should be one discount price to get them all
  • The comments section are often the best parts of the post, Time to Collect owes everything to those that took the time to post a comment and enriching everyone’s experience
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