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Comic Books

Welcome to 2021 everyone, though much of what the new year will bring is out of our control let’s remember that there’s also much that remains within our control. Our kindness, empathy, vigilance, positive attitude, hard work and perseverance will…

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Covid 19

It seems the whole world has been turned upside down with this Covid 19 virus and my thoughts are with everyone and their health and safety. Let’s take the necessary precautions and let’s put all our efforts and energies into…

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Comic Collecting Costs on the Rise

The weakening Canadian Dollar got me to thinking about the effect it is having, if any, on the back issue comic book market. Comic books are like oil in that they are traded in U.S. dollars. The price guide is quoted in U.S. dollars, almost all the big internet dealers are U.S. based and all the major comic auction sites are U.S. and prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Basically holding a comic collection is like holding U.S. dollars.
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