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Remembering the Yellow Pages

You see kids, once upon a time before the Internet and cell phones we kept all phone numbers in a large newsprint tome that was not only informative but also gave circus strongmen something to rip in half with their bare hands. All joking aside the phone book was a pretty important part of tracking down new comic books for your collection.

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Comic Collecting Costs on the Rise

The weakening Canadian Dollar got me to thinking about the effect it is having, if any, on the back issue comic book market. Comic books are like oil in that they are traded in U.S. dollars. The price guide is quoted in U.S. dollars, almost all the big internet dealers are U.S. based and all the major comic auction sites are U.S. and prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Basically holding a comic collection is like holding U.S. dollars.

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Collecting and Investing Tip #32

Comic book conventions are dangerous places for impulse buyers. You can end up heading home with a 50 cent comic or you could end up heading home with a 4 foot R2D2 replica, a gorgeous 42” x 38” framed painting of Phoenix, 3 short boxes full of CGC graded comics, 2 Samurai swords, a Viking sword and a 50 cent comic…

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