Where We At?

Today Chris and Walt talk about where they are in their comic book collecting journey. The boys talk about the difficulties in choosing what to let go of, what to keep, what to pick up next and all the other considerations that we have to deal with when collecting comics.

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Where are you in your collecting journey and how do you deal with not being able to get everything you want?

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Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. My buying spree ended last year… with an emphasis on Archie. This year I bought a few comics… the most expensive was a Wheaties giveaway I got from Walt. I am definitely in the selling mode but where to start and what to keep. I am going to retire in April and I will then concentrate on selling. I might go CBCS if they have faster turnaround. My comment last week was not anti-grading…its grading most benefits sellers and investors. I have invested and now I need to sell. I am sure none if my DC’s are Chri$ Meli quality however. I might keep one of my FF runs tho….

  2. Gerald, careful with CBCS, they are useful for some things but can hurt you when it is time to sell in other things. Contact me or talk to someone locally you trust that understands the pros and cons of each grading company. You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into amassing those books, you want to make sure you get a fair return for them. I’m sure even the fellas on these comment threads will add their helpful insights.

  3. Where ARE we at? I think you forgot a word, Walt.

    At 72, I’ve pretty much slowed to a crawl in my collecting. Comics I want cost too much or I can’t afford to invest much further, knowing that I will have to sell one day.

    I’m approaching 3 full long boxes and I don’t want to go to 4.

  4. Klaus!- OMG- 3 long boxes ??? I had 3 long boxes by the time I hit puberty !!! I’m 55 right now & I have LOTS of long boxes !!! I think I have 3 long boxes full of Micronauts alone !!! OMG OMG !!!

    I’m still collecting comics, but at half steam. The current market is nuts & I will not compete for the heavy stuff ! Not at these prices. I have other interests, other hobbies which are nowhere near as expensive as comics & offer me just as powerful a ‘hit’. I would like to sell some of my expensive, killer comics that I really don’t need, but with the backlog at CGC, this won’t be happening any time soon. As Walt said, CBCS is too iffy- I will have to wait for the blockage at CGC to clear, if it ever clears ! If everybody stops sending CGC last week’s comics to grade, maybe that blockage will clear! CGC should charge more to grade ‘moderns’, that might stem the flow. If you are charged $200.00 to have last week’s SPAWN graded, that may make you think twice about getting it graded !!!
    CGC should have two price points- $50.00 to grade any books issued before 1980, $200.00 to grade any book issued after 1980. That would stem the flow of modern crap that is blocking their arteries !

  5. great episode, listened to it 3 times…such wisdom…a collection is a living thing!

    And the filthy porn-producing doctor!!! Brilliant!!!

    thank you

  6. Hey Spider
    You’re absolutely right! A collection IS a living thing, and, as such, may go through all kinds of changes in a lifetime. I sold my entire Golden Age collection to invest in the Canadian Golden Age a few years ago. Likewise, I traded in all of my pre-hero Atlas books to buy one copy of Strange Tales #89. I never used to buy anything but floppies, and I now have shelves full of hardcover graphic novels and reference works of all genres and eras, but I could never develop a taste for the paperbacks for some reason. I have only six short boxes of various titles, one short box of comics my work has appeared in, and an archival box for the Canadian stuff. Many of the comics I buy these days I just read and then pass on to the kids in our apartment building. I’m working on the next generation of customers for all you retailers out there!

  7. Gerald, I read your comment – all I read was ‘Gerald has books to sell, get in before April’…I think they call that myopic vision?

    Klaus, I think your revelation that you have 3 long boxes is the most amazing thing to come out of this – are you REALLY sure your giving into this compulsive / addictive behaviour? You’re coming across as strangely sane and composed in this realm of lunatics!!!

    Mel, awesome work sir! Step one, move into your apartment block, step two: wait outside until you read Amazing Spider-Man #129. It’s a plan. (I will be away on Halloween…that’s when Gerald hands out comics to the tricker-treaters)

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