I can’t believe it’s Week 50 already, I think I’m going to try to do a year end Favorite 25 Splash Pages, its going to be tough to pick because there have been so many great ones.

I’m still working through that pile of books going to eBay auction so again, I hope I’m posting a few Splash Pages that are new to many of you.

Gil Kane went all in on this fantastic double splash for All Star Western #4, so much going on here, a great piece of art. From March 1971.

Surprisingly the first few comics I leafed through from the Adams Green Lantern run were weak on impactful splash pages but I really liked what I saw when I opened up Green Lantern #78. I don’t want to say anything but I have to question these biker dudes’ priorities, Black canary on a motorbike and they’re more interested in the bike! From July 1970.

Pablo Marcos really comes through for fledgling publisher Atlas Seaboard with this high-quality splash page for Iron Jaw #4, from July 1975.

Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez setting up Mister X #1 quite nicely, Vortex Comics was out of Toronto, from June 1984.

At first glance, I thought Todd McFarlane drew X-Men Annual #14 but I was wrong, Arthur Adams put a ton of work into this issue, look how packed this splash page is, from 1990.

There was a run of Strange Tales in the #160s in my eBay pile and there was no shortage of wild double-page spreads from Jim Steranko but in the end, this straightforward Splash Page from Strange Tales #161 won me over, from October 1967.