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Undervalued Spotlight #396

Six Million Dollar Man #1, Charlton Comics, June 1976. I’ve always thought American popular culture transitioned in 1976, before – it was all denim, sunshine, split ends and 15 minute drum solos, after – it was all polyester, bad lighting,…

Web Arted Feb 12th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Lee, Williams, Kubert, Buscema, Swan, Klein, Kane, Staton, Giacoia.

Undervalued Spotlight #113

For Lovers Only #78, Charlton Comics, April 1975 You can’t press love nor can you assign it a grade, and as much as you’d like to you can’t “Buy it Now” either. If you’re making an offer then it’s simply not…

Undervalued Spotlight #30

Charlton’s super hero dreams ended in the late 1960s with the cancellation of all their hero titles (Captain Atom, The Question, Peacemaker etc.). The company leaned heavily on licensed titles like The Flintstones and Jetsons to supplement their stable of War and Romance titles