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Covered 365: Day 247

Four Color #247, Eastern Color, September 1949, Artist: Paul Norris. I’ve always wondered where that light bulb missing from my dining room chandelier went to. Now I know. Paul Norris took it! And he put it on Flash Gordon’s head…

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Covered 365: Day 204

Four Color #204, Eastern Color, December 1948. Artist: Paul Norris. Blame that gorgeous blue fade. Before anyone gives me any flack have a look at the covers below and tell me you wouldn’t want the Four Color #204 at the…

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Covered 365: Day 173

Four Color #173, Eastern Color, November 1947, Artist: Paul Norris. Yeah I thought Day 173 a bid light but there were a few highlights including Four Color #173, Hamilton homeboy Walt really digs her Ti-Cat top. I like the look of…

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