Four Color #247, Eastern Color, September 1949, Artist: Paul Norris.

I’ve always wondered where that light bulb missing from my dining room chandelier went to. Now I know. Paul Norris took it! And he put it on Flash Gordon’s head on the cover of Four Color #247. Simple elegance from Mr. Norris on this cover.

If it wasn’t for me finding my light bulb I would have went with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s striking cover to World’s Finest #247, the art is good but the content is crazy.

Any cover with a huge Doctor Doom on it should command attention and John Byrne’s rendition on the cover of Fantastic Four #247 is a great example.

I’m not too sure what to think of Brian Stelfreeze’s cover to Flash #247 (1987 series).

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.