Covered 365: Day 173

Four Color #173, Eastern Color, November 1947, Artist: Paul Norris.

Yeah I thought Day 173 a bid light but there were a few highlights including Four Color #173, Hamilton homeboy Walt really digs her Ti-Cat top.

I like the look of Captain America #173 and I like the over all effect of Doctor Strange #173.

Another turkey alert, this time its a jive turkey on the cover of Justice League of America #173.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Walter,

    If I understand correctly your goal is also to touch on all eras of comics, I applaud your choice. Paul Norris is not a big name, but the art is very competent and even appealing, and its new, touting the NEW Flash Gordon story inside…I think all his comic book appearances until then were strip reprints, drawn by Alex Raymond and others. I have a sharp copy of this in my collection, primarily for the cover. I should go read it now.

    The Cap is a good cover, but it is typical Gil Kane and not his best. However, it is fun to see him doing Cap.

    I continue to be surprised at how many covers (like this) Gil Kane did for Marvel in the seventies. I have been eagerly snapping up his new covers on Kid Colt past #150, Rawhide Kid beginning around #90s, and Two-Gun Kid past #100. John Severin was also doing new covers for these, and so was John Romita, Sr. Inside it was all reprints, so these are dirt cheap in any grade. All three also drew new covers for Western Gunfighters, which also boasts one lone but powerful Steranko cover on #14, March 1973.

    And that JLA is indeed awful. Tokenism in comics?

  2. Great choice Walt… Norris might not be a household name but having Aquaman… revamping the Sandman and a long career as a comic strip artist makes him no slouch! This cover reminds me of comic strip work which makes it that much more appropriate for such a venerable strip as Flash Gordon! As for that JLA cover…. I must if been out of it when that was published… just WHO are those characters behind Supes and Black Lightning??

  3. I agree with Bud. I love that Flash Gordon Cover and is nothing like I’ve ever seen outside of the pulps. I also think new covers,often superior, on the reprints issues, really revalues them. The wonders of comic collecting, there’s always something to find. Look at the size of the guy behind Superman….unreal . I think Gil Kane’s covers are a big reason Marvel survived the 1970’s. Gosh he dis a lot of great work and also did great stories too.
    Your posting of three covers brings me here Walt, and the comments of Bud, Gerald and many others keeps me coming back.
    Awesome and interesting choices big Walt.

  4. I have to say Bud…I appreciate Gil Kane a lot more now then I did as a teen. His output was unparalleled, he drew covers for every genre, and he managed to do interior work as well. As a teen I was one of those snobs that would roll my eyes at another cover featuring nostrils… but I now see it was much much more and he should have the accolades bestowed to him along with the other greats of the silver age ( that and the bronze age that really saw him blossom over his golden age work). Not even to forget he was one of the fathers of the graphic novel!

  5. Oh…. and I hope Walt or Chris make a suggestion for 174… cause nothing I am looking at rings my bell!!

  6. That is a great choice David! Reminds me of the covers of a mens adventure magazine… which I am also guilty of having a small collection of ( maybe only 30 or so)!

  7. I’ve been a huge fan of Kanes’ work since I was a wee lad in the late 60’s ! I have a complete run of All-Star Western from DC , which has Gils’ work in almost every issue . He publically stated in the 70’s that he didn’t like his early work he did for DC in the 50’s , but , I completely disagree . His horses were so well drawn , and his work on The Adventures of Rex The Wonder Dog was outstanding !

    Bud is older than I am , he must know what I’m talking about , don’t you , Bud ???

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