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How I Got My Job (A Series): Ramon Perez

I met with Ramon Perez at the Drake Hotel for a time honoured Toronto tradition, brunch. After ordering and watching Ramon be very charming toward our adorable curly haired waitress, we got down to business and started chatting about Ramon’s career.

Auction Highlights #78

Auction Highlights #78, Comic Link June Focused Auction The Silver/Bronze portion of the Comic Link Focused Auction has just ended, all results below ended between Tuesday June 26th and Wednesday June 27th. Relatively weak auction this time around, we basically…

Spider-man Turn off the Dark

Spider-man Turn Off the Dark and more

Sadly this week I won’t be posting a video blog. It being cold and flu season, I was unlucky enough to catch a cold and no one needs to see that. So, I thought I would post this article about…