Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Review | Once Upon A Time In Africa

No one thought he’d ever dare to return. In this African country where the dictatorship has banned all forms of cultural expression, the storyteller named Once-Upon-A-Time has already had a brush with death. For refusing to stop performing his puppet shows, he lost both his hands, severed at the wrist with the slash of a machete. Now he’s back, ready to begin performing again, and ready to take on the powers that be… Europe Comics, June 21 2017 Written by Zidrou Art by Raphaël Beuchot 104 Pages $10.99 Read Online: Izneo, Amazon The first in the African Trilogy. A powerful...

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Undervalued Spotlight #0

It seems a common comment appears on our Undervalued Spotlight posts: that comic isn’t undervalued. And after several hundred Undervalued Spotlights, it appears some defining statements are needed. How does Comic Book Daily define undervalued? An undervalued comic is one that, on the date the post was published, was determined to have a value to be below what it should be for the reasons provided, based on the writer’s experience with the comic market. While the Overstreet Price Guide is a good reference and starting point, comic book prices are determined by the market: in store, at conventions, and online....

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