Author: Scott VanderPloeg

The Marquis Of Anaon V.1: The Isle Of Brac

Jean-Baptiste Poulain has been hired by the Baron of Brac to tutor his son. When the young teacher arrives on the island off the coast of Brittany, he’s immediately struck by how much the population seems to both hate and fear their lord. Which doesn’t stop the locals from going after the aristocrat’s people. Jean-Baptiste is brutally attacked – just after Nolwenn, the baron’s son, is found beaten to death… Cinebook, July 2015 Script by Fabien Vehlmann Art by Matthieu Bonhomme 48 pages $11.95 USD Order online: Izneo, Amazon A truly wonderful thriller; it takes hold and never lets go. Perhaps it’s more...

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Review | Ross Andru’s The Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition

Ross Andru was one of the most beloved artist’s to ever draw Spider-Man. Aside from Steve Ditko and John Romita, he is arguably the storyteller most associated with the webslinger. This Artist’s Edition collects five complete issues, including the first three in his run, Amazing Spider-Man #125-#127—and the first issue had John Romita inking Andru! Also included are issue #153 (the classic “The Longest Hundred Yards”) and issue #167, featuring the Spider-Slayer! As with all Artist’s Editions, there will be a special gallery section, presenting fine examples of Andru’s Spider-Man work. IDW Publishing, March 28, 2018 ISBN 978-1-68405-286-8 12″...

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