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  1. Mathew
    January 14

    I really enjoyed reading your take on the conclusion.

    Tim’s plead to Wonder Woman to ‘do something’ was amazing. That statement about how Bruce is just a man and fought a god on his own, and you have all these powers, that he shouldn’t have to do this on his own. It just, hit the spot… and led perfectly into Bruce’s admission that he was and will never been alone, and trusted his friends to save him.

    One of the things that also really stood out to me was the statement along the lines of ‘Whatever they touch turns into myth.’ Which I believe popped up in the missing story between R.I.P. and Final Crisis among elsewhere, whenever Bruce was musing about not only his friends in the JLA but the Gods of the Fourth World. And I think this is an important thing to consider when looking at Batman as being god-like or not.

    It is shown that because of Darkseid’s interest in Bruce Wayne, because Bruce’s interaction – standing up to the embodiment of evil – and then thrown through time by the Omega Sanction, Batman grew to mythical levels that resemble any God humans have worshiped. That Barbatos, essentially Darkseid’s bastardization of what Batman represented, also launched backwards with the Sanction, was still only something for Bruce to confront and use. It gave the new myth that was created its darkside, its opposition, and its deceiver. This then leads to Dr. Hurt, who I don’t think was ever a host for Darkseid, but instead just an enbodiment of the piece Darkseid sent back.

    Which also leads me to noting the fate of Darkseid. I don’t believe there is death for such a being, I mean, to paraphrase – they are ideas come to life – and that his defeat was just banishment back to the fourth world, to the loneliness of god-hood. His influence on conscious minds after he left his host was banished by Superman when he sang that note before using the Miracle Machine.

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