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Uncanny X-Men #2

With the X-Men split into two camps, Cyclops and Wolverine lead two very different teams of X-Men headquartered in San Francisco and Westchester respectively. While Wolverine reopened the school in Westchester, Cyclops remained on Utopia with mutantkind's established figures to continue their fight for survival in a world that hates and fears them.
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Review: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6

Writer: Grant Morrison Pencils:  Lee Garbett and Pere Perez Inks: Alejandro Sicat and Walden Wong Colours: Guy Major Letters: Jared K. Fletcher Covers: Andy Kubert and Lee Garbett, with Bill Sienkiewicz Publisher: DC Comics Comic book returns are a dime…

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Review: Return of Bruce Wayne #4

Writer: Grant Morrison Pencils: Georges Jeanty Inks: Walden Wong Colours: Tony Avina There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Bat-Zorro! Welcome to another review of Grant Morrison’s Batman mini-series, The Return of Bruce Wayne. We’re up to…

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