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  1. March 16

    I also like to get my hardcovers signed so I usually start about two weeks before the show by looking at the guest list and assembling the possible books in my collection. I consider top priority the guests who I won’t be seeing again anytime soon (generally it’s the out-of-town guests or people that don’t do many shows) and prioritize there. Then I’ll select the books that I already have multiple signatures on already to which I would be adding more to, and last on the list are books by people I know I’m going to see again (generally the local creators who do most shows).
    The great thing about a local show as opposed to a show one has to travel to is that – depending on your success rates on the previous day(s) – you can reconsider the books you leave behind
    It’s always a good idea to make friends with an exhibitor or creator and ask if you can leave your bag with them so you don’t have to drag everything around in a shoulder bag or in a cart.
    When you are traveling to a show by plane, the space issue becomes a serious concern. Since I’m going to Chicago instead of WWTO this weekend I can only fit in my laptop carry-on bag a maximum of a dozen hardcovers plus some single issues, or if I have many I consider a priority I can put some in my check-in luggage. If I want to read another book on the flight or actually bring my laptop I have to make cuts. I also have to consider what I might pick up at the show and make sure I’m able to bring a few purchases back, although shipping it to myself is always an option.

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