1. Charlie
    October 16

    Can’t go wrong with Neal Adams… I just assume all his older works are undervalued. Speaking of which… I finally picked up a decent copy of GL#76 recently:

      • Walter Durajlija
        October 17

        You Dog Charlie! That is a nice book! As far as I’m concerned you played it right, got a 9.2 with White Pages. Better long term potential for a GL #76 9.2 at today’s market prices than a 9.4 as far as I’m concerned.
        All you need now is for me to feature it in the Spotlight and look out! Not that I’m looking for bribes.
        I really do like B&B #79 because as I said in the post it was a marker, the beginning of something new. Hopefully as the market matures these books will be recognized more so than they are now.

  2. Charlie
    October 17

    It’s funny you say that… I recently sent my Hulk#181, ASM#129, both 9.4s to CC to be auctioned off. I’ve noticed that 9.4s seem to be flat for some reason. I’ve got various other grades for my collection so I figure the resources are better placed else where.

    This will be the first time I’m using this type of auction service so it’ll be interesting… And considering these books are not appreciating I’ll probably have to take a hit in the form of their commission. I’m also following your advice and weeding out all my cream page books. Personally, I don’t mind these books, especially since you can’t read them… but the philosopher in me agrees with you, ie; “reality is not reality, perception is reality.”

    Another first for me is that I had some books pressed over the summer. Out of the 12 submitted, 3 came back with the same grade while the rest were bumped up a notch. I’m open to providing details but I think I’m way past the point of “Charlie fatigue” on this site so I’ll refrain, but a very interesting considering what I sent in ^_^

  3. Brian48
    March 12

    It’s a shame that after two years since this posting, the market is still relatively flat with the Adams Brave and the Bold run. Although the regular Batman and Detective titles of that era have seen steady interest, the same can’t be said about the Brave and the Bold.

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