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  1. March 20

    No, he thought it was a kissing booth for some reason and was doling them out like candy.

  2. gorillamydreamz
    March 21

    Batman Inc. artist Yanick is not slow. He requires a specific amount of time to draw a comic, especially one as complicated and design heavy as this one. DC simply never listens to artists regarding schedule. They just announce dates no matter how unrealistic they are and let the artist flail in the wind.

    Grant Morrison, from many accounts, seems to be notoriously late. Could it be he has too may fingers in too many creative pies?

    • What else is Morrison up to right now? The only thing we know for sure he’s working on is Multiversity..

      • Jake W
        March 22

        He’s also working on the Sinatoro movie, I think.

    • March 21

      Yanick admits that the delays are a result of both him and Grant going a bit slower than they should. It’s why that in somecases, he’s not doing traditional inking on some of his art pages. To save time, some of the panels are being digitally inked by Yanick himself.

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