Talbot Confirms More Grandville Over Twitter

If you’re a fan of Bryan Talbot’s Steampunk/Furry action adventure series Grandville (Grandville Mon Amour was released last week). Then It’s a good day to be open with your family that you’re reading books about police detective badgers. Over Twitter Talbot confirmed that he’s currently hard at work on a third book:

For those of you who are unaware of the series – or are scared off at the mention of furries, let me be straight up with you for a second. Grandville is hands down one of the best series of graphic novels to come out in a very, very long time. The first volume used 9/11 conspiracy and entwined it with glorious speculative history and gave us a hell of a exciting read.

I devoured the first two books over the weekend and I couldn’t have enjoyed this lost time more. I’m hoping that Mr. Talbot manages to give us another exciting yarn (with modern day implications! Believe me when I say that the first volume ended with a Badger fighting a Rhino version of Donald Rumsfeld ontop of a dirigible filled with explosives) with Grandville: Bete Noir.

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