The latest Green Hornet trailer looks great and with 100% more Kato!

Oddly enough, after watching the Green Lantern trailer on the big screen and seeing the brand new Green Hornet trailer I find myself being more excited for the Hornet movie. The trailer isn’t that much different from the original trailer but we’ve got a stronger focus on Jay Chou as Kato and some more of Rogan’s fun antics. The action sequences look very interesting compared to the Green Lantern trailer and I am really hoping that they didn’t blow their wad on the action. I guess I’m really hoping that Green Lantern was holding back in their trailer. Why am I bothering to compare two movies that really have nothing much in common aside from having comic books and having the word “Green” in their title? Well, probably because a lot of movie theaters that are showing the latest Harry Potter movie are playing the trailers back to back. There’s only so many movie dollars out there! But even without trying to draw comparisons, Hornet looks good and the buzz on the internet is that test audiences have been wildly enthusiastic about it.

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