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R.J. Steinhoff

RJ Steinhoff is a lifelong comic book fan and when he’s not working for a living he runs the website.

Checking in on the New 52

It has been four months since DC Comics unleashed their much anticipated New 52 relaunch. Not surprisingly, DC dominated 2011’s bestseller list. The only non-New 52 title that managed to squeak onto 2011’s top ten list was Ultimate Spider-Man #160.…

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A Case for the Bronze Age

Would you be shocked if I told you this collection has experienced a devastating loss in market value over the last two years? In late 2009 a collection of key Bronze Age titles (list below) would have been worth approximately $65,000. Using the latest auction data, this collection would be worth around $36,000 today. A stunning 45% drop.
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