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Stanley Jon

Stanley Jon has loved comics since he was a kid. He started collecting when he got his first job. Currently, his reading taste is very diverse. Basically, he will read anything that looks interesting.

Mirror Mind

Mirror Mind is a compelling autobiography of Tory Woollcott‘s childhood as she struggles to overcome dyslexia.  The story is very engrossing.  Parts of it can make you laugh, cry and angry at what Tory goes through. Dyslexia is a learning…

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Lotus Root Children

Lotus Root Children is the first graphic novel from Wei Li.  The story is about a poor lotus root farmer called Ah Lan who is part of a child trafficking ring in China.  Ah Lan’s role in the child trafficking…

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Bokurano: Ours

Bokurano: Ours is a manga created by Mohiro Kitoh. The Earth will be attacked fifteen times by a giant robot. The robot will be different each time. Fifteen junior high school kids are “tasked” to defend Earth by piloting a…

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Wolves is the latest mini-comic from Becky Cloonan.  It follows a man on a hunt for a werewolf.  The story is told in 20 pages of black and white art. I like Wolves a lot.  The story is told in…

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not simple

I have only read a few of the manga created by Natsume Ono.  My favourite and, in my opinion, her best manga is not simple.  not simple is about Ian.  He comes from a very dysfunctional family.  The only person…

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