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Stanley Jon

Stanley Jon has loved comics since he was a kid. He started collecting when he got his first job. Currently, his reading taste is very diverse. Basically, he will read anything that looks interesting.
A Zoo in Winter cover

A Zoo in Winter

A Zoo in Winter is the latest translated graphic novel from the mangaka Jiro Taniguchi.  A Zoo in Winter is based on Jiro Taniguchi’s youth when he broke into the manga industry as an assistant.  I do not think this…

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SVK is a comic created by writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan), artist D’Israeli (2000 AD), and the design studio BERG.  SVK is described as an experimental comic because parts of the story are printed in ultraviolet (UV) ink.  Using the UV…

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Chat with Pia Guerra

Pia Guerra was at the Montreal Comiccon this past weekend (Sept 17 and Sept 18).  I had a brief opportunity to chat with her after she completed a sketch for me. She is probably most known as the artist for…

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Sakai & Aragonés panel

The panel began with each creator giving a brief introduction of themselves and their careers.  Sergio did most of his introduction in French. Stan Sakai began with a bit of Japanese and then English.  Stan noted that issue 141 of…

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Fan Expo 2011 Wrap Up

Overall, Fan Expo 2011 was a positive experience for me.  The programming was diverse and I think it had something for everyone. I’d like to see the official attendance numbers for this year.  As a guess, I think it matched…

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Panels Recap

I attended quite a few panels at Fan Expo.  Here are my comments on them. THURSDAY Ethan Phillips He played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager.  His Q&A panel started at 4:00 PM on Thursday right when Fan Expo officially opened. …

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Vampires Panel

This panel discussed vampire literature in general.  It was moderated by Nancy Kilpatrick (Evolve Two).  The participants were Crissy Calhoun (Vampire Diaries companion), Karen Dales (Chosen Chronicles), David Tocher (Evolve Two), Max Turner (Nightrunner Series) and Alyxandra Harvey (The Drake…

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Marvel Assemble

Masquerade Aftermath – Sunday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Marvel Assemble! Weeping Angel Poison Ivy GLaDOS Baroness and Destro Sweet Lolita Mystique Dalek and Dr. Who Belle Seven of Nine Vegeta and Goku Lolita Black Rock Shooter Dead Master Onion Knight For entire Fan Expo…

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Steampunk Rogue

Road to the Masquerade – Saturday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Steampunk Rogue R2-D2 and C-3PO Ms. Marvel Benn’Joon The Macho Man Randy Savage The Red Queen Dr. Who Wonder Woman The Riddler and Bane Carnage Renji Abarai Elizabeth (from Gin Tama) Morrigan Aensland and Pyramid Head…

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Team Rocket

Road to the Masquerade – Friday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Team Rocket Chika Peach World of Warcraft and Steampunk Cardcaptor Sakura Batgirl and Batman cosplay Rorschach and Zatanna Steampunk Grendel Sibylline Sister Rogue Darkwing Duck Cybermen Hexadecimal Spock Optimus Prime Seven of Nine Altaïr Officer Jenny…

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Jeff Smith Panel

Jeff Smith is an American cartoonist best known for his comic book series Bone.  His current series is RASL.  The series follows the art thief RASL who jumps to parallel universes to steal paintings.  In this panel, Jeff talks about…

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Road to the Masquerade – Thursday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Bruce Lee     Sookie (True Blood)     Ikkaku Madarame (Soul Reaper from Bleech)   Fourth Raikage Rogue and Storm   Super Mario   Supergirl   J-pop Cosplay    Doctor Who (Tom Baker)    Faith,…

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Writer’s Guild Panel

This panel is about respecting the fan base.  It discusses the rewards and challenges of adapting a well known and well loved story from one platform to another.  This panel is moderated by The Listener showrunner Peter Mohan.  The panel…

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Paranormal Potpourri Panel

This panel consisted of James Davidge (Driftwood Saga series), Greg Lamberson (Jake Helman Files series) and Crissy Calhoun (Vampire Diaries companion books and managing editor of ECW Press).  The panel discussed paranormal literature. Unfortunately, the panel got off to a…

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Pick Up Passes Now

For everyone who purchased a Fan Expo pass (premium, deluxe or day) in advance through Ticket Express, today is the first opportunity you can pick it up.  The box office is located today at the lobby of the South Building…

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