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Absolute-ly | Ribic’s Thor: God Of Thunder

Marvel just released the second volume of Thor: God Of Thunder and as an overall story I was blown away. The two volumes are Thor God Of Thunder Vol 1 – The God Butcher and Thor God Of Thunder Vol 2 – Godbomb. An eleven issue story arc by Jason Aaron that centers on a being that slays gods from every world he encounters in order to rid the world of religion and its empty promises. Along the way Thor from three different periods in time (young Thor, current Thor and all-father Thor) are drawn into the conflict culminating in a battle royale with all three distinct Thors doing what they do to save the universe.

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Absolute-ly | #5: Kaluta’s Shadow

This time around I’m nominating The Shadow by Denny O’Neil and Michael Kaluta, or more accurately issues 1-4 and 6 done by that creative team. The title that made Kaluta known to fans, The Shadow didn’t last long but it burns brightly in the memory of many a comic fan.

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#3: Steranko’s Fury

Unfortunately Jim Steranko is a name fading from the collective comic book memory, to its detriment. Exploding onto the comics scene in the late 1960s and then quickly leaving the medium, he stands out as a master of page layout, design and motion.

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