Comic Book Links For Tuesday, December 8th.

It’s been a pretty busy weekend here at Comic Book Daily Head Quarters, we’ve been scouring the interwebs looking for fun links to get your through the usual Tuesday blahs. As always if you come across an interesting link or article that we may have missed, please by all means e-mail Pete DeCourcy – he needs all the help he can get.

  • Marcos Martin is one of the most inventive artists working in comics right now and The Beat has just posted a pretty lengthy interview with him, and it’s chock full with great little tidbits.
  • Bleeding Cool gives us the Monday Run Around, including news on Stan Lee, Cullen Bunn and more!
  • Tim Callahan and Chad Nevett are back with their Splash Page. This time, the question is, “Are Mainstream Comics Increasingly Lame, or is it Just Us?” Parts one and two.
  • The 4thLetter gives us This Week in Panels.
  • Examine the science behind ….Realm of Kings? Really? I thought that was all about C’Thulu coming through a tear in the fabric of reality…
  • Everyday is Like Wednesday feels negatively towards Marvel and Brian Michael Bendis’  Seven Years in the Making mini-event Siege.
  • The Good folks at Sequential Tart discuss the best of the best in superheroes.
  • Comics in Crisis explains: No Powers? No Problems, and then takes a look at Awesome Aliens.
  • The Best of the best this week’s Highlights by Comic Book Legacy.
  • And finally because Tucker Stone makes me laugh …He gives you the Decade in Review.
Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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