Batman #291, DC Comics, September 1977. Artist: Jim Aparo.

Day #291 was a bit underwhelming though I do think the winner is a keeper.

One of the most sought after Batman covers in this era is Jim Aparo’s cover to Batman #291, there is no such thing as too many villains on a cover.

When I think tumbler I think a nice Irish Whiskey, not so Mr. John Byrne. He thinks some lame-ass villain who stomps on Cap’s shield, but I do like the cover (though I may have picked it just to slide in my whiskey joke).

This one is for my pal Mr. Owen, he’s a prof and I’m just passing along some Stan Goldberg advice from the cover Pep #291 for those days where the boys just aren’t paying attention.

I’m trying hard to convince you all that Keith Giffen had a great run of covers on the Legion title, here’s his cover to Legion of Superheroes #291 as more proof.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.