Covered 365: Day 117

Tomahawk #117, DC Comics, July/August 1968 – Artist: Neal Adams.

I feel like one of those co-eds on a Charlton Romance cover, forever changing her mind. With apologies to Gerald I’m still holding to my self imposed ban on L.B Cole but today I thought I’d even the score at least for Neal Adams’ sake.

I found day #117 underwhelming compared to the glut of good stuff we had yesterday. I also found the comment in yesterday’s post pointing to Savage Dragon #117 a thinly veiled slight to my spot on Secret Hearts #116 pick and while I didn’t pick up Ultimate Spider-Man #117 on my first scan I’ll concur that it is a great cover.

I thought Avengers #117 was a strong cover and Hulk #117 was right there with it but the clear winner was Tomahawk #117 as seen through my eyes. Looking ahead Mr. Adams has some amazing Tomahawks coming but I’m going to throw him in the penalty box with Mr. Cole for the next few days just to let the other kids play.

I’m thinking Casper #117 deserves the Dave Mackay award, a super fun cover.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Don’t ’ worry Walt, I won’t hold it against you. This Adam’s is a great cover and if I get too verklemmt today I’ll pull out my own copy of Blue Bolt 117 and bath myself in its beauty!

  2. It’s probably too late for tomorrow but I love Action Comics 118 for its simplicity and design.

  3. Great choice, Walt. Adams is just showing off on these Tomahawk covers, and deserves the accolades.

  4. I was trying to figure out why Tomahawk #117 doesn’t work for me. I mean, it’s a great piece of art, but I’m not digging it as a comic cover. I realized it is the solemnity. I expect excitement and tension in a cover. That’s why I can dig the “I love him but I can’t have him” romance covers, but not the happy little daisy ones. If Tomahawk was fighting back, being dragged to the gallows, etc., then I might bite. This is just too quiet for me.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous, I would still choose Jimmy Olsen #117.

    A review of #118s tells me that it is JOWA day, so of course the pick is Jimmy Olsen #118. I wanted wanted wanted to get the Fantucchio 9.8 of this that just sold in the ComicLink auction this past week, but I had just bought a beautiful 9.6 in a prior CL auction for less than half the price, and my head ruled my heart. Another beautiful Adams cover made better by Jimmy’s beard.

    Strange Adventures is the runner up as beautiful execution of another truly bizarre scene.

    Batman is a weak JOWA nominee, especially since it is actually a pretty boss period cover. My heart ruled my head on this one.

    The real JOWA booby prize goes to Blackhawk. Ditto on Walt’s comments about folks working at DC in those days.

    For Walt we have two picks:

    Daredevil (1998 series) Wolverine Art Appreciation variant

    Young Love – the results of the proper use of the club soda on the counter

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