Covered 365: Day 181

Incredible Hulk #181, Marvel Comics, November 1974. Artist: Herb Trimpe with John Romita getting credit for some alterations.

I had to do it guys, I had to go with Hulk #181. It’s nice when a mega key like this can live up to it’s stature with a fantastic cover, sort of like the way Spider-Man #129’s Punisher cover does.

I’m really liking what Irv Novick did with the cover of World’s Finest #181, great cover.

Four Color #181 is another example of top notch talent producing top notch art albeit in the ignored Funny Animal Genre.

Batman #181 is iconic but the floating heads… Check the Flash #181 (1987 series), very cool cover!

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. While I am in complete acceptance of your pick today Walt… I must also agree with Chris about the Wendigo… it looks like its just out a month at the Calgary weight loss clinic!
    That Irv Novack cover is pretty good but strikes me in a similar way as yesterdays JOWA Superboy… and I don’t think I have ever seen that much fear in Supes face even when Lois was about to trick him into marriage ( that is… back when he had no intention if marrying)!
    The Disney cover is great as well… its only the importance of the Hulk cover that edges it out of the top pick for me ( now if it had the Phantom Blot on the cover it would definitely be my pick)!

  2. So that’s where the Chapterhouse Captain Canuck 150th Pharos spoof cover originated. Marvel had no idea of the history of Canadian comics with that cover claim of “The world’s first and greatest Canadian super hero!”

  3. Um… ah… if you are going to pick this cover, I think you should put up a scan of the actual cover. That one is for the mini promotional copy where they messed with the Hulk’s face for some reason.

    Yeah sorry but that World’s Finest is closer to a JOWA than a pick for the reason that Gerald points out. Al Pacino playing Scarface playing Superman.

    I noted the Four Color but it didn’t quite make my list. It is really good. Props to the colorists for these DIsney covers.

    For #182 I pick Dr. Strange. Juggernaut too svelte for my tastes but a beautiful cover, again props to the colorist. Spectacular Spider-Man, Strange Tales, and Thor are also solid Marvel covers. House of Mystery is yet another beautiful piece of work by Adams, but a bit understated in message. I like this World’s Finest (which is an interesting Swan pencils and Adams inks example) much better than #181.

    Young Romance – it sure looks like she is putting up strong resistance.

    Flash is probably the JOWA because if you don’t read the text, it looks like he’s throwing away his boots because he wore them without socks and they stink. I don’t want to badmouth this issue because I picked up a super high grade copy dirt cheap, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

  4. On that Superman’s face Chris…I find it interesting they had the Kirby images redrawn and they allowed that rendition of Superman…. and had it been a Batman and Al Pacino buddy adventure it would have been great… although Al never looked all that healthy to me!

  5. Sorry for picking the wrong cover, honestly didn’t realize.

    Are you guys seeing the same World’s Finest as I am? That’s a great cover with a Superman face full of character and emotion!

  6. A Marvel Mega Key that deserves its standing, and a really great cover that works perfectly in fulfilling its main function of introducing one of the seminal Marvel characters. One of the great effects of this cover (and storyline) is that it somehow gave credence to the idea that Wolverine could present a challenge to the HULK, and that has endured throughout Marvel mythology.

    This issue also ranks as one the most painful unfulfilled gaps in my collection, as I have foolishly passed on many VF copies thinking it was just too overpriced, and if I held out I would find that high grade copy at the just right price That day has passed and all I have is that blank space between #181 and #182 sitting vacant on the wallboard.

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