Covered 365: Day 191

Famous Funnies #191, Eastern Color, December 1950. Artist: Uncredited.

Great cover on Famous Funnies #191, a nice little foreshadowing of more great space covers to come.

The Strange Adventure #191 caught my attention as a small thumbnail and I had to open it up, there is this excellent circular use of multiple colors here and the effect works really well.

Fantastic Four #191 delivers the dramatic premise effectively, simple but hammers in the point.

There were not that many 191s that I really liked, I think the girl on Young Romance #191 is trying too hard and should do herself a favor and dump his sorry ass. House of Mystery #191 is solid and seems to be a constant at this phase.

Thank’s to Chris Meli I have a late edition with Laugh Comics #191, this is indeed what we are doing.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.†

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Today’s choice rekindled my memories of the fantastic run of Blue Bolt covers earlier in this column. Although this cover doesn’t measure up to those otherworldly Cole covers, it is a deserving winner of today’s award. I also really liked FF 191 (it was my choice on my first pass through today’s covers) and Strange Adventures 191, but I think Walt made the right choice.

    Perhaps it was nostalgia (which is not a bad thing in world of comic books) but I enjoyed flipping through the covers of day 191 because it was full of comics I owned and read (and read, and read, and read again) as a kid. Two that really caught my eye were:

    – HULK 191 – The Shaper of World’s storyline was such a departure from the normal HULK storylines, and I think it was a pretty cool cover.

    – Brave & the Bold 191 – Poor Penguin, he had to be embarrassed by that cover.

    I also really enjoyed the Laugh 191 cover, but now when I read this column I will see Walt as Miss Grundy.

  2. Walt can only dream of having knees like Miss Grudy’s.

    I had a feeling that generic “unknown artist” Famous Funnies would be on the agenda. Tomorrow’s pick: store brand shredded wheat box art.

    Strange Adventures does have interesting colors but otherwise murky (subject is way too small) and torpid.

    No way on the FF. Boring formula reuse, dull dull dull Perez art made duller by Sinnott.

    I think Hulk #191 looks good from a distance, but up close Trimpe’s usually crude art ruins it for me.

    If #192 is not a new low, it is tied for the low. House of Mystery and Wonder Woman (1987) are good but I can’t say “great”. Batman and Detective are both very colorful, and I do love Detective as another from that super scarce period (#3 in the census (7.0) thank you very much), but not “great”.

    For JOWA I’m picking World’s Finest where Batman and Superman continue to wear their costumes in the prison camp. It’s hard to muster a lot of compassion for the buff “starving” Superman. Honorable mention to Young Love as the girl coolly calculates her relationship issues while in a supposedly passionate clutch – maybe the female equivalent of thinking about baseball.

  3. I agree Derrick, a little island between the two continents of yesterday’s Cole Blue Bolts and tomorrow’s Frazetta Famous Funnies.

    Miss Grundy is in a league of her own, I identify more as a Mr. Weatherbee type.

  4. Having witnessed Walt eat at Denninger’s on Upper James, I can attest that he really and truly is Jughead Durajlija Jones…

  5. I wonder if the Famous Funnies is by one of the former Canadian WW2 comic artists who got work in the states. Maybe it’s the typical space trappings, seems familiar somehow. One of the Whitman or Gold Key artists, Flash Gordon comic artists, early Gray Morrow (I don’t know why he popped into my head? I like early comic space art.

    Who knew, Miss Grundy is hip.

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