Covered 365: Day 192

Famous Funnies #192, Eastern Color, August 1948. Artist: Walt Kelly.

Some unnamed commenter likened yesterday’s Four Color #191 to cereal box art, well I for one couldn’t disagree more. Today I throw down Four Color #192, an impossible to dis Walt Kelly gem. Come on! Look at this cover! Magic.

I think Scarecrows and good covers is actually a thing. I make the comment on Day #189 and back it up with Day #73. Today we stuff more straw in the pants with Strange Adventures #192.

I’m getting mixed signals for the first and second series Wonder Woman covers as of late. I like the batch from the first series, Mike Sekowsky gives us some quality work.

WF #192 should be WTF #192, World’s Finest gets the JOWA.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. As I looked at this cover more and more I definitely saw it could only be by Kelly. Unlike the other serial commentators on this site I give it big thumbs up Walt! I am also now going to have the same unease around scarecrows as I do clowns! On that WW… I really think they utilized an inferior sword maker!

  2. Look, the Kelly art is entertaining, pretty, and is a great example of his style. But personally I am not drawn in at all. Even though the art is far superior to, say, a Harvey title, at least there I know what I’m getting – effectively extended newspaper comic strips. What am I getting here? The same? A book-length lighthearted tale about The Brownies running a railroad? Something with a lot of backstory that I’m supposed to know (because at the time apparently kids would already know about The Brownies – I did as a kid but I’m almost certain my kids have never heard of them)? For the nth time I am working this exercise as pertaining to great _comic book_ covers. So with many apologies to Kelly collectors, I disagree.

    I don’t have anything against scarecrows but I don’t care for the composition, and with knowledge of the snowmen from #79, it seems like the guys were just mining the archives for ideas.

    I am baffled by your continuing to highlight these Wonder Womans, with day after day of crude art. The villainess’s face is enough for me to pass on this.

    The drought continues with #193 as expected, but I can accept Captain America (even though it is mostly a poster) or Unexpected (which would sell for a thousand dollars if it had been published in 1953). House of Mystery is again Adams and again probably the best art for this issue number, but it is a bit dark and the action is very subdued.

    World’s Finest is eligible for back-to-back JOWAs, but I am torn between it and Lonnie’s hypnotic pants of Young Romance.

  3. That explains Why I find myself looking at Lucky Charms and Captain crunch 1960’s commercials on youtube Walt

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