House of Mystery #193, DC Comics, August 1971. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.

I can’t think of a better hand off than Neal Adams passing the torch over to Bernie Wrightson on the House of Mystery run at issue #193. I personally like Wrightson better on the horror/macabre stuff.

I’m a sucker for battle covers and Gil Kane gives us quite a battle on the cover of Hulk #193.

Question. Is there such a thing as too much Kirby? Cap #193 just might be too much Kirby.

Wonder Woman #193 (2nd series), really DC? We gonna let the artist go there?

World’s Finest #193, the latest in a line of dreadful JOWA worthy WF covers.

Young Romance #193, I want Lonnie’s pants! I already have a pair like the ones on the guy doing the talking.

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