Four Color #205, Eastern Color, December 1948. Artist: Morris Gollub.

I’ve never been more afraid to pick a cover! To be true to the project I had to go with the best cover and that is Morris Gollub’s exquisite rendering on Four Color #205.

Thor #205 is a worthy runner up, fantastic work from Gil Kane and a jet black background that would make high grade copies things of beauty.

Barry Windsor-Smith gives us a great cover for X-Men #205, this book has always been an easy sell out of the bins thanks to the cover.

No denying House of Mystery #205, I love covers like this from this era almost like the sepia tone movies from Hammer studios from the same time period.

Wonder Woman #205 has always been an eye-catching cover. As for Captain America #205, I don’t think its that bad, better than the over the top #193 in my mind.

Say, let me float this out there. This little column has been constantly morphing and evolving. Post #1 is way different than post #100 and post #200 is way different than post #100. We’re evolving naturally thanks to this small community we’ve created.

I’ve been thinking for a good two weeks about asking you guys to reserve days in the future and send me an email with your top 4 books of the day? I’d get all the picks and do the post but could flag it at the top as – today we have so and so picking these covers. My thought is that this is turned into a collaborative effort so let’s keep it moving that way.


I love this post and don’t mind at all running the table for the year but…Let me know.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.