Covered 365: Day 240

X-Men #240, Marvel Comics, January 1989, Artist: Marc Silvestri.

Day 240 makes two wanting days in a row. I’m to the point in this exercise where I do not look ahead, so I’m always hopeful tomorrow will be a better day.

Jason Ho you are a demon! What a cover! Simpsons #240 is the deserving winner today because I know there are a bunch of hidden slights in there but I’m just not hip enough to get them. But as Chris mentioned in yesterdays comments, you get unicorns, rainbows and a (kind of) wrap-around cover!

I’ve always liked the Marc Silvestri cover to X-Men #240, I know its a cliche break out cover but it’s done well and I like the colour scheme except for maybe Sabretooth blending in with the background.

A very cool Joe Orlando cover on House of Mystery #240.

Gil Kane and John Romita share billing on the cover to Thor #240, I like this strong action scene.

Neal Adams does fine work on the cover of Superman #240. Actually, this cover hangs on my office wall and I use it as motivation not to miss a day of Covered 365!

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I was unhappy to see the X-Men when I tuned in today, but it seems like I should really have seen The Simpsons?

    The X-Men is okay – I love the colors – but it is one of a million “have a look at the team” covers. These are probably fun to draw but they don’t display much creativity. Also in this case I don’t dig Dan Green’s inks. I am not a big Silvestri guy at this point although I was back in the day, but even at that point I wouldn’t have liked these inks. It would have been interesting to see Silvestri inked by somebody like Giordano or Rubenstein.

    I almost mentioned that House of Mystery, and now looking closer I will agree on the mention give the gray tone, hearkening back to the early sixties war books. I don’t quite go for the victim’s face, though – it looks like a steal from Web of Evil #2 or something.

    Thor is of course solid – Kane’s knowing how to leave out details to increase crispness and impact continues to impress me (anti-McFarlane) – but I’d rather see big heroes/villains and small bystanders than the other way around.

    I can understand having Superman on your wall – maybe I’ll get one of these to replace #233 on my wall – but just _one_ failure, you think?

    The dearth continues with #241. Let’s get the two runners-up that I am not picking out of the way. Batman is a classic but fails on my criteria – it is similar to the Silvestri pick but with even less action. I am sure Four Color will come up – it is amusing and colorful but you know I don’t go for this sort of thing, particularly without Bunny in the picture. I will grudgingly pick Superman as best, but still not “great”. Another fine Adams cover, but nowhere near as exciting as some picks from the recent past.

    Strange Adventures is a solid piece of art and we get some latter-day DC giant hands. Detective follows up on today’s pick with Batman well ahead of the curve. As gag covers go, I like Laugh.

    JOWA to House of Mystery. This one is like a caption contest – what the hey is going on here? The guy hates cats, so he carries around a crate full of money and desecrates cat graves???

  2. Ok on the Simpsons but the X-Men… really?? Somewhat crude figures emitted from a bubble gum pink splash?? Ahem…guess we are back to that bias thing again! I do love the HoM… my favorite today… Thor is just ok and I assume Superman is the JOWA purely do to the expression on his face.

  3. Thought there were a few good choices today, with Kubert leading the way in offering Tarzan #240 and Army at War #240. I also like Daredevil #240 much more that yesterday’s selection as it represents a situation a street hero like DD would face routinely. Strange Adventures #240 was also on the list.

    Superman #240 is just not a good cover. I picked up a copy a few years ago and when I got home and started to look at it, I immediately had regrets.

    But JOWA to Action Comics and the Superman Sphinx, and Adventure Comics #240 for one of the worst comic cover robots.

  4. I think the robot on Iron Man 2 is worse Derrick… at least Superboy’s robots head looks as if it could toast a whole loaf of bread at one time!

  5. I’m not going to weigh in too much on today’s picks, though Superman rings very true for most of us. It’s the mistakes we as humans tend to focus on more than the successes. We can find this true especially in our employment.
    Day 241 has some standouts IMO, so I’m not sure about that complaint being accurate.
    For the winnah, I choose Captain America by Frank Miller. It’s iconic and easily recognizable.
    Runner-ups are Daredevil by Mike Zeck, Batman by Adams even though the cape is not doing what it should, Superman is interesting too.
    JOWA goes to Worlds Finest as I’m slowly putting together in my head that many of these covers must have been the inspiration point of the SNL cartoon series where Ace and Gary are ‘The Ambiguously Gay Duo’.

  6. JOWA could also go to Action comics for it’s ridiculous balloon. It would take 100 men to lift this key, but somehow it’s been used. Who could have used it? Well Supes, I guess 100+ men could have by your own calculation. Just silly stuff.

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