Covered 365: Day 239

Daredevil #239, Marvel Comics, February 1987, Artist: Art Adams.

Yikes, Day 239 really was underwhelming.

I’ve always had a begrudging respect for the cover of Daredevil #239 while I think the scene depicted is too callous artist Art Adams gives it some dignity with the expression on Daredevil’s face. This cover is hard.

I’m gonna have to stop including David Yardin covers to free up some space for others but how can I when he produces covers like X-Factor #239.

I remember a while back when I asked if a Kirby cover was too much Kirby, well is Marvel Tales #239 too much Todd McFarlane?

The cover to Simpsons #239 reminds me of my yesterday morning after a week of Fan Expo work, those big conventions take a lot out of you!

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. You are right about DD, that is one grimm cover. That would have been a non-starter in the days of the code, perhaps for good reason. Yuchh.

    And DD’s snarl does set the stage well, yes. For what I would expect to be a breakneck, unusual story?

    Still, I think the far better cover is X-Factor. Its very sharp. I have to admit I haven’t known Yardins’s work at all until it began coming up here, so I am happy to see more.

    What, those shows wear you out? I bet! I think all my San Diego comic-cons must have prematurely aged me. I stopped setting up two years ago, did the first one-day show in 1970 to 2017. From sharing one table with 3 buddies, to eleven 10×10 booths at our peak. No regrets pulling out. Not the comic show it once was.

    It was so much more fun doing it as a fan (and guest!) this year.

  2. This DD cover isn’t quite up there with Law Breakers Suspenstories #11 but its trying to be! I like the X-Factor… funny how this guys style runs hot and cold with me depending on the technique he uses! When isn’t there too much McFarlane? I want to find an example where he shows too LITTLE of himself…. that would be refreshing!

  3. Agreed that this was not a good day. The future augurs more of the same.

    I don’t hate DD but I think DD’s face is actually the weakest part. I have pretty much lost my taste for Art Adams at this point so it will be unusual if I pick any of his work.

    I hadn’t studied the Yardin cover, I can agree to this as a contender. What continues to impress about Yardin is not that his covers are all spectacular (I don’t think this one is), but that he delivers a new style each time. Is “David Yardin” really a moniker for a studio?

    Marvel Tales is way too much McFarlane. When you look up “Why do people hate McFarlane’s art?” in the dictionary, there is that Beast drawing. I find it viscerally repulsive.

    There are many good Simpsons gag covers, but similar to my feeling about Gold Key and Harvey books, once the art gets too simple, it’s generally not possible to say “great”. But stay tuned…

    Virtually nothing to work with for #240. Kubert turns in another solid Tarzan, but as far as the run goes, this one is a bit like the defeated lion that it pictures. Maybe Kubert was reacting to the sales figures for the title… Blackhawk is JOWA fodder but I just can’t stop looking at it for some reason – it is a crazy period piece, the bad trip version of Wonder Woman #178 (both from 1968). As usual Adams turns in great figure drawing for Superman, but it can’t save the miserable multi-retread story portrayed via standing around. Yardin again gives us something different for X-Factor, and the rainbow theme suggests the pick for the day, which is…

    The Simpsons! You want wrap-around – you got it! You want a rainbow – you got it! Funny animals and cartoon characters – you got it! Thank you Matt Groening for getting us through this day! Presumably Walt could offer a gratis foot massage in compensation, as I am sure that given his ear-to-the-ground about current social controversies, he understands that you have lost access to prior services.

  4. The Beast armpit hole could swallow a truck. I’ve not been exposed to a lot of McFarlane, he does twisting defying gravity very well but is that all he’s got? Simpsons has 239 issue, seriously?

  5. You are a true con warrior Bud, best part of these things is seeing everyone again and meeting new people (never met Ken til this weekend). Tiring but energizing at the same time.

    Gerald, I love the McFarlane jab, Tim agrees.

    I disagree on the DD face Chris, its what saves the cover for me.

  6. Actually Chris…from what Ive read, The Tarzan sales figures were great…but this was around the time that the circulation figures were messed with with a black market return scheme. Tarzan 207 and so on were targeted…..This is one of the reasons so many copies of these books actually still exist….Im sure this happened before and since…but this one was documented

  7. Came back for a second look – good DD cover, it evokes a strong emotional response and you know you’re going to get a DareDevil splatterpunk horror story, which must be unusual for this comic in particular. Read a few “new horror” SP novels in my time, grim and yucch to the extreme so didn’t stick with them.

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