Covered 365: Day 275

Conan #275, Marvel Comics, December 1993, Artist: Colin MacNeil.

Colin MacNeil finally got Conan’s face right on his dramatic and fitting cover to Conan #275, the final issue in the epic run. This cover has always been a favourite of mine and of the hobby in general, commanding respectable prices. Love how the jet black envelopes Conan.

Sheldon Moldoff’s cover to Detective Comics #275 is silly good. Didn’t know Zebras were menacing. Love the colours and the full-on attention this cover grabs.

Wow, I didn’t even know about this Al Milgrom cover to Hulk #275, I’m sure I’ve owned copies but it’s the first time the goodness of the cover is registering. Al Milgrom is near the top of my heap for his Copper Age covers.

Not liking Stan Lee covers is like not liking apple pie, playful covers like John Byrne’s cover to Fantastic Four #275 are even harder to resist. giver Steve Ditko co-credit to Ron Frenz’s memorable cover to Amazing Spider-Man #275, Ditko’s is the faded out wallpaper I guess, Frenz gives us a nice battle scene.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. All in with today’s choices!

    Conan #275 is nearly a perfect Conan cover, showing him “…black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand…” and capturing the “…gigantic melancholies…” of our hero as the series came to an end.

    Just recently picked up a copy of Detective Comics #275, and I love the wackiness! The “Zebra Batman” showed up in the Lego movies, and caught the attention of my son so he has been looking for it for a while, and the cover is great.

    And Spidey #275 is a winner, as well.

  2. I think this pick is mainly out of nostalgia. “I remember when I bought #58 – that Belit – woo-whee! Even better in her SECOND appearance after her FIRST appearance with blonde hair in Giant-Size Conan #1!” Anyway, rest in peace Conan – I don’t think it is great but not completely objectionable.

    I don’t get the Hulk pick. That one is a better Milgrom and still very pedestrian. I can’t fathom your admiration for him, I think his batting average was in the double-digits at best.

    #276 gives us some good choices and I love it when a JOWA also is my pick, in this case Action. What the hey? Look at that Superman down in the lower right, he’s really into this! Now that’s a comic book cover.

    A tie for runner-up between Thor and Uncanny X-Men, which have similar themes. The detail of the Lee X-Men is better but the Thor draws me in more, especially through the use of perspective.

    I also like Batman, Captain America, and Superman, although they are well behind those above. Donald Duck is sweet. (Did I just write that?)

    Marvel Tales is not worthy of a JOWA, just a raspberry.

  3. Saying MacNiel got it right is saying he made it look most like the Frazetta Ballantine covers…if you look at depictions of Conan from the 30’s on many people have depicted him differently… but as I prefer the Frazetta version I agree he got it right!
    Zebra Batman is a great JOWA only. The Hulk left me with … meh. Do like the She-Hulk… and also like Spidey… but can a mere 37 pages be considered an EPIC…hardly.

  4. The interweb didn’t like my comment the other day so I’m back. I love The Zebra Batman cover! So loopy, zebras have “repello” powers, how? what? how did Bats acquire them? I want to know! A very eye catching cover with the b&w stripes against the red/orange background and Looney Tunes architecture. Madness! Brilliant! Sometimes I think the comics are the most fun, surreal, wth? entertainment on the planet.

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